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Thursday thirteen: Inspiration

As many of you know I’ve been house hunting. After 3 failed offers on 3 different houses, the fun seems to have escaped me. But there is still a bright side: we will eventually move and to somewhere bigger than my little 7 room house. And that new house? It’s going to need some furniture,…

Thursday 13: my wish list

You know I’m just being thoughtful here….presenting you all with my wishlist this early.  Yeah, yeah, not in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday but you know, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have found these things on any shopping excursion. Tak

Thursday Thirteen: Lost and Found

Or where did I leave my happy? I’m feeling a little out of sorts lately.  This is my place to sort out my wigged out head so bear with me or move on.  I get it. One of the things I’m trying to embrace is this idea of guarding myself against t

Thursday Thirteen: Adonis exposed.

Before we go any further, have you entered to win the Tehlia scarf giveaway from Monday?  You only have to comment (and as often as you like.)  Notice I’m not selling myself out for follows or a million required tweets.   Just some comment love.

Thursday thirteen, ugh, not AGAIN!

Helllllooooooo! So I’ve been reading a lot of bloggers talking about getting back to writing and stepping away from the high school-like environment we often find ourselves in. Right there with ya, sisters! Anyway,  I’m nearing my blog’s bi

Thursday thirteen: lessons learned.

I can’t get this song out of my head.  And the lyrics SLAY ME! Weep for yourself, my man, you’ll never be what is in your heart weep little lion man, you’re not as brave as you were at the start rate yourself and

Thursday Thirteen: building the blog!

Hi Peeps! Thanks for coming by!  So glad you’re here.  I have these triple chocolate bundt cake minis that are to die for. Please help yourself. Oh and when I said to die for, I meant they’re over 700 calories each. Suckers. So you may

Thursday 13, I love you Gamma!

Forgive the mess around here.  I’m playing with some themes, working the place over.  Happy to have input, happy to have you tell me I’m frickin mess and happy to have you take over and put me back together again…. You know this pesky Back to

Thursday 13, Autumn awesomeness, mailing it in.

Nothing new here peeps. Seriously…the title was a give away. You guys could write this in your sleep….but I’m doing it so you don’t have to.  And I’m calling “I’m on estrogen, I can mail it in as long as I’m taking shots in the ass….I wi

Thursday 13, Bloggy Boot Camp Style!

Damn you Blogger!I’m sorry folks.  I wrote this post, just for you and it’s gone.  I can’t promise the same genius that I swear was RIGHT HERE!Sort of pissed but you know, the blog must go on.  It’ll just go on without the usual sass.

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