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The return of Homer and Marge

My good friend from across the pond, George, is back with another tale of the incredibly hot and romantic couple Homer and Marge.  Please enjoy. Homer And Marge: The door slammed. “Bastard!” Feet stamped upstairs and wood was put under immense strain as a bedroom door was almost wrenched from it’s hinges. “Bastard!” More stamping…

Its like bathing in Starbursts

Yes folks I’m bringing you a guest post because, well, it isn’t that I’m not feeling sexy. (Did you see me strutting my stuff, baby belly out to here and wearing fishnet stockings …that crazy bitch was me!)  But I’m swamped at work and barely keep

Sexy Time, Symdaddy style

Hello hello hello! Yes, it IS Sexy Time again.  And I have something special for you.  But before I get to the good stuff, I have a favor.  I have a friend in the Madison WI area looking for local support.  Hit me up in comments if you can lead m

Wordless Wednesday: Sweater Muffins, oh my!

Sexy Time: Winter’s Morning

I am so proud to welcome today’s guest writer.  She is talented, funny and well, she gets my blood flowing in all the right places.  (She’ll thank me for that intro, I’m sure.  And you’ll be thanking me for introducing her to you.) This is CDG

Sexy Time at the Mad House

I was really tempted to just leave you all with a title and see what you thought….because yes, all I have is a title. Its not news to the moms that libido can take a nose dive during pregnancy or that it can spike. For me, the previous, unfortun

Sexy Time, Magnolia style

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to Magnolia.  She is a multi-talented, wonderfully voiced writer who I really enjoy.  Here is a little about her, in her own words: girl-type person, not quite 30. lawyer. excessively educated. largely souther

Sexy Time where I give someone a hand.

Hello there. It’s that time again, sexy time w/ ME! OMG! I’ve been wanting to write this post for 6 weeks 2 days and about 7 hours. It’s sort of embarrassing but I just HAD to talk about this. I have something to confess. Up until that fateful

Sexy Time brings another guest

OMG OMG OMG!  You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am to have today’s guest writing for me.  I have loved her from the moment I read about Penis Week and a reference to MY FAVORITE Frankie Goes to Hollywood song! Oh, and after you get to know her

Sexy time, a different perspective

Hi ya hot stuffs. Have you been enjoying the guest posts?  Been missing MY voice on the matter?  Well I have a special treat for you:  ME! As many of you know, it’s been a hard year for my sex life.  Multiple IVF cycles and one miscarriage

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