All about Me

Oh my!  I’m so sorry, I wasn’t expecting anyone.  Mind if I go put on something more appropriate for company?


If you’ve popped in then clearly you’ll looking to find more about me.  Well you asked for it.

This here Mad Woman is a, um, 30 something Kansas transplant living in her dream world, Northern California, where she often writes in third person and makes her own head spin.  She prefers to be completely naughty and inappropriate and has the maturity level of a 14 year old boy. She loves butterflies, sunsets and walks by the beach and all has a bridge to sell you if you believe that cheese. The voice she uses here is not the one she uses with her child (the adorable Maddy).  However it entertains her to no end to subject Adonis, the husband, and Bitchipants, Fatboy and SchitzoCat (her 3 felines) to this particular brand of madness.

Wanna get a little closer?  (Please do, it make her girlie bits tingle!)   She can be reached at madsbloggingmom (at)gmail (dot) com.

You’ll find a fan page on Facebook here but its under construction and probably doesn’t do much for you.  Sorry, dems da breaks.

And you MUST follow her on twitter.  She really is quite charming!