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No water, no life. No blue, no green*.

I know a place where no one ever goes There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose It’s hidden in a valley beside a mountain stream And lying there beside it I find that I can dream. All my life I’ve had a love affair with water. Swimming lessons and wading pools were only the beginning….

And the Oscar goes to….

A room of my own and yet not mine.

A rare two-fer today. Please be sure to read George’s continuing tale of Homer and Marge. He is always entertaining and I’m so glad to have his words grace my blog. I’m also writing a memoir piece for the Red Dress club. The prompt was “that broug

The Homer and Marge saga continues

My good friend George has brought us more Homer and Marge for your pleasure.  Please give him some love, would ya? The door slammed! “D’ya speak to your bitch of a boss like you said ya said ya would, Homer?” yelled Marge even before the windo

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