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Ho ho holiday!

Hi everyone! As an early Christmas present, I have a guest post for you today.  As part of the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Swap I’ve got the lovely KLZ from Taming Insanity providing the entertainment.  If you haven’t met this delightful blogger, you should really go over and say hello. I like her just because…

Monday Lovin 12_20

Yo ho ho ho!  I’m thinking bottle of rum, less jolly ol’ fat guy but whatever. How was your weekend? Shopping done?  Yeah, me neither. Just a head’s up. I’m participating in a blog post swap this week and will be hosting the lovely KLZ from Tami

Wordless Wednesday: Sweater Muffins, oh my!

Sexy Time: Winter’s Morning

I am so proud to welcome today’s guest writer.  She is talented, funny and well, she gets my blood flowing in all the right places.  (She’ll thank me for that intro, I’m sure.  And you’ll be thanking me for introducing her to you.) This is CDG

Monday Luvin 12_13

Oops, you’ve found me in my pj’s, sipping coffee and listening to the worst Christmas music these ears have ever heard. I’m pretty sure that’s Celine Dion singing Feliz Navidad. Excuse me while I go put on my Pandora C

My first love

…I’m putty in your hands Im under your spell You send me spinning You pull me in close,You throw me away I keep coming back like a boomerang. You tell me to go,You beg me to stay. I keep coming back like a boomerang Round and Round and Ro

Navel gazing installment #27

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, probably dropping big hints all over the blogosphere. Then Mama’s Losin’ It comes along with this prompt and I threw up my hands and said that’s it.  It’s time.  Time to spill my angsty crapola all

Sexy Time at the Mad House

I was really tempted to just leave you all with a title and see what you thought….because yes, all I have is a title. Its not news to the moms that libido can take a nose dive during pregnancy or that it can spike. For me, the previous, unfortun

Monday Lovin 12_6

Hello my friends and lovers.  How are your boobs?  You give ‘em a good feeling lately? Just another one of the services we provide here at the Diary, or dairy as I often mistype. And how is the Christmas shopping? Oh, yeah and Hanukkah? How’d

Where I plot the death of loved ones.

Oh, did you really think I would be so mad as to plan the murder of my family? Why when I can keep them around to torture? Come on. No, today’s post is brought you by the lovely ladies of the Red Dress Club.  They presented this prompt: I truly

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