Thursday thirteen: lessons learned.

I can’t get this song out of my head.  And the lyrics SLAY ME!

Weep for yourself, my man,
you’ll never be what is in your heart
weep little lion man,
you’re not as brave as you were at the start
rate yourself and rake yourself,
take all the courage you have left
wasted on fixing all the problems
that you made in your own head.

Mumford and Sons, y’all can jam too!


Oh hi there.  Come on in, there’s laundry on the floor but its clean.  There is wine, beer and cider, help yourself but please put the fallen soldiers in the blue bin.

It’s 9/30/2010….and its the end of this 30 day marathon, and I AM POOPED!

As part of my continuing (and KILLING ME!) meme, this Thursday thirteen is brought to you by Kludgy Mom’s Back to school, back to blogging workshop.  This week we’re to pick and plan from this list of 12 items that will help up grow our readership and take our blog to the “next level.”

Gah, don’t you hate that phrase?  “Next level”  What is this, a Pac Man game?  Maybe I should have said blogging NIRVANA!  Now we’re talking.

13 Lessons learned from this month of workshops, research and belly gazing.   Try to hang in there folks there maybe something in it for you, some little nugget of gold.

13.  Blogging for 30 days in a row is madness.

12.  Blogging for 30 days in a row has given me more ideas, more little snippets of genius than I imagined.  Nope, didn’t suck my creativity dry, it FED it!

11.  Its also exhausting and time consuming.  I plan to find a more efficient way to get my thoughts expressed, and it may mean more time locked away in my room away from husband and child.

10.  My husband and child are so much more delightful than I remembered.  Lesson here: PUT DOWN THE BLOG! 

9.  Social media is complex, also time consuming at the first and I will probably continue to fumble with as I learn the ropes.  But I have seen the other side and it makes me hungry.  I hope it doesn’t make me rabid.

8.  Many of you have written about this and I just want to jump on the bandwagon because it was proved to me this month:  blog friends are REAL.  Thank you posse for holding my hand through this month.  I will continue to share my love and if you ask, I’ll bend over.

7.  Last week’s list of resources were impossible to absorb in one week.  Planning on continuing to take the time to focus on self improvement….b/c I just can’t make it to Borders to sit in the self help section.

6.  Autosyndicating my blog?  Yeah, I don’t think this is one I’ve perfected and while it is a huge relief to know its being done, I still have some tweaking to do.  Any one have some good tips? 

5.  Blogging for 30 delirious days has reduced my stress by giving me an outlet for my creativity, my voice and distracting me from the BIG stuff.

4.  All this posting has exhausted you faithful readers too.  I AM SO SORRY.  But I don’t promise not to do it again.   But I may serve up some lighter fare.  Would that work for you?

3.  Patience, I’ve learned patience.  It sometimes takes time to develop a good idea into a great post.    But it is so worth it.

2.  Faith.  It takes a leap of faith to publish the good stuff and not run screaming into the hills when the good comments don’t immediately appear.  But this also applies on your blogs too.  I had an opportunity to encourage a writer this week to post something she felt strongly about but feared that her view was controversial and would rain down the negativity on her blog.  I hope I’m responsible for the nudge  that made her hit publish.  Nolie, I loved it! 

1.  That I will be turning in this weeks B2SB2B homework late and I need a vacation. 

 How about you?


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17 comments to Thursday thirteen: lessons learned.

  • Alexandra

    HOnest and wonderful and engaging.

    Perfect post.

    I love to find something that is so good to read. That’s the addicting part for me: finding good content.

    I loved this here.


  • Harriet

    Yes, it is madness :)

    Have a great Thursday!


  • tulpen

    I think you know how I feel about social media. And I just told Empress today that I’d like to start a movement of Bloggers Against Social Media Whoring. There I said it.

    And blog friends are real. They know I’m an ass hole and keep coming back for more!! In real life, I just get dirty looks and whispers along these lines…”Man, is she an ass hole or what??”

    Totally offended hippie mom at preschool. Getting drunk and blogging about it later.



    Morgan B. Reply:

    I’ll be the first one to sign up for your movement.


  • tulpen

    Oh. Forgot!! Also??

    I am IN LOVE with that song and those dorky foul mouthed Brits!!!



  • ash

    You’re such a good B2SB2B girl!! The information has been incredible. And I’m with you, last week’s links have been bookmarked.

    Why to kick September in the keister. Now go take a long hot bath. I’ll even open the beer for you.


  • Jessica

    I love your honesty. And that song rocks.


  • Alice Audrey

    Try blogging for two straight years. I’m telling you, it’s an addiction.


  • Xakara

    Great post and great song intro :) I just discovered Mumford and Sons, it was a line from I Gave You All that caught my attention and wouldn’t let go. Good luck on reaching blogging Nirvana!

    Happy TT,


    I Gave You All
    If only
    I had an enemy
    Bigger than my apathy
    I could have won


  • Morgan B.

    This week I realized that I don’t want to be a social media guru. I want to sit on the floor and play blocks with my kids. The internet will have to wait sometimes.

    My blogging friends are SO real. More real than my real life friends at the moment. But, I guess this is real life right?

    While I always enjoy your posts, today’s was extra special.


  • jaime

    i used to write far more frequently on my blog – almost 5 times a week. i couldn’t keep up. it started to feel like a chore instead of being something fun.

    i don’t know how you managed to write every day for a month


  • MamaOnDaGo

    Hit “publish” and don’t be afraid. If it comes from your heart or if you truly want to discuss topics and are open to different view points, go for it!


  • San Diego Momma

    Your lessons learned are excellent.
    Plus, you’re a better woman than I. I don’t think I have the intestinal fortitude to blog 30 days in a row.


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    Oh, don’t think for a minute a few times turned my stomach. Not the content but the idea of doing it, one more damn post. When it’s good, its fluid, its almost effortless. When it’s not, it’s painful. By day 26, blisters start to develop.


  • Christine Mack

    I came here because I lost my sanity a while back and I thought maybe you found it…but then I read your post and I see your equally insane……or am I? So 30 days o’ blogging. Yikes! Your a brave lady!


  • Ashley @ Just Another Mom of 2

    You are awesome for being able to blog for 30 days. Me, I just can’t do it. I am getting back to at least five days a week, and shoot for 6. It gets hard trying to keep it going on a regular basis, it’s tough, that’s for sure! Good for you girl!


  • Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17

    Gotta love a gal that can drop the f-bomb with finesse, and quotes Mumford and Sons! Your rock SITStah! Thank you so much for coming by and visiting Rook No. 17 during the B2B!


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