Fine man friday

Who doesn’t need a day off?  And how better to spend it than oggling man flesh?  Yes, friends, its another themed day….few brain cells required.As an homage to my husband, we’ll start this grand tradition with a delicious hunk that . . . → Read More: Fine man friday

Thankful thirteen

Thanks?  You’re thinking, Amy, you’re a week early.  Well folks, the fam will be in town and I’m pretty sure while there will be plenty of blog fodder, there will be little time for a posting, let alone a Thursday thirteen…so there . . . → Read More: Thankful thirteen

Wordless Wednesday

This girl can nap! And no, milk is her “sauce” of choice.

Blog identity anxiety

So I’m 18 posts into this blogging thing and I’m starting to feel some pressure.  Self inflicted, of course.  My friends who have blogs have a clear view of who or what they are presenting.  They know who their audience is and . . . → Read More: Blog identity anxiety

Do I hear forty knocking?

So I was inspired by an outfit I saw in a JCrew catalog the other day.  Boyfriend sweater, several long necklaces and tuck-rolled worn jeans.  Super cute on the model.  Lets just say I’m no model.I hadn’t checked my outfit . . . → Read More: Do I hear forty knocking?

Wordless Wednesday

Gourmet chef? nah. Professional photographer? I don’t think so. Creative Food stylist?  Not by a long shot. Futile attempt to amuse my husband and the blogosphere, . . . → Read More: Wordless Wednesday

never too much Sesame Street

Happy birthday to the Street.I’ve been watching SS since I was an itty bitty kid and then again with my sister who is 9 years younger than me and now once again w/ my toddler.  Grover and Cookie Monster were my favorites and I loved to try . . . → Read More: never too much Sesame Street

A brief Sunday funny

No, I’m not the best housekeeper.  I’m not really good at laundry.  Sure, I get stains out, I don’t overdry.  I just don’t do it with any regularity and I NEVER put a whole load away in one day.So this morning my toddler came to . . . → Read More: A brief Sunday funny

Thursday thirteen….again!

What, wait, it’s Thursday?  How did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I dont want to relive Wednesday but Thursday?Is here? Today?  I have to do one of these darn lists again?  Okay, I guess thats how its got to be.Here we . . . → Read More: Thursday thirteen….again!

A very pleasant surprise

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had this weird appointment with a OBGYN regarding a sterilization procedure. Lasted about 7 minutes, and the results are IRREVERSIBLE!  People that know me know that I ADORE kids.  Sterilization . . . → Read More: A very pleasant surprise

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