You see that note about myself over there on the right —–> I said I was a little athletic.  Um.   Hm.Brief history here:  I was never coordinated or interested enough to play organized sports in school.  I SUCKED . . . → Read More: Athletic?

The dreaded thirteen

Dreaded, you ask?  Yeah, the last thirteen kicked my ass, and yes, I know, it was all my doing.  So I started to think about the lists I could make and as I started making each list I found each one shorter than the last.  This . . . → Read More: The dreaded thirteen

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to all

There are a lot of free and wonderful resources out there.  So a shout out to my friends’ helpful comments and inspiration and to for the current “look.” Thank you all for helping me get started!

Too much

So I’ve been viewing some blog porn.  You know, those blogs that are so delish in their presentation or their topic…sometimes a good name will draw me in. I have to say I can’t stand it when I’m surfing and pop up on a blog that won’t let . . . → Read More: Too much

Thursday 13

Now I’ve never claimed to be original.  Case in point: wearing pink Converse w/ my dress pants, thanks Ellen.So this posting idea in not mine.  Let’s just say its “inspired.”1. It’s National Nut day  (when is is not?)2. . . . → Read More: Thursday 13

Too much

I really wanted to write a post about boobs. Primarily mine …but I’ve got too much work. Darn.

blogging in my dreams

Perhaps writers don’t have this problem.  You experienced bloggers out there just have posts flying from your fingertips.Not me.I lie in bed thinking about what to blog, playing out the whole post in my mind.  How will this play out, . . . → Read More: blogging in my dreams

National Blog Day – Climate change

Yeah, I’m lazy.  I’m also at work but wanted to participate in this very important event.  Take a look at this bloggoddess’ blog. I say “ditto.”

Too much Tuesday

In the past two years I’ve learned way too much about infertility.  Not so funny thing is that I’ve learned even more in the past month. We’ve been trying to have a 2nd child since February.  Our delightful daughter was conceived by in . . . → Read More: Too much Tuesday

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