Thursday Thirteen: Adonis exposed.

Before we go any further, have you entered to win the Tehlia scarf giveaway from Monday?  You only have to comment (and as often as you like.)  Notice I’m not selling myself out for follows or a million required tweets.   Just some comment love.

Now go, comment and then come back.   Because I’m gonna spill some beans about a certain dude in my life.

OH, and another just off the cuff note from the editor:  You all know I’m a mommy flunky, so there won’t be any baby bump pics published here (well except for the last month b/c THAT’S HOT! hee).  I’ll be happy to send them to my posse or those who ask.  INSTEAD I’ll be posting growing cleave pictures once a month.

Any objections?


Now, before we proceed, I have to give you a warning.  For those of you who want to hold on to a fantasy of Adonis as a herculean hero or from some HAWT South American country, skip number 2 below.  That means you Wowiee!

Okay, here we go! A little somethin somethin about my husband, Adonis.  Thank you GoPopGo for the inspiration!

1.  We met on Craigslist.  He answered my ad!  I was looking for 3 things, TALL, Athletic and a dark beer drinker.  And yep, he’s all three.

2.  He’s tall, 6’5″ to my 5’4″, BLOND, gorgeous blue eyes, still has remnants of that athletes body after eating my cooking for the past 9 years and has the cutest tush.

3.  He’s from Texas, thus the love of the Rangers. 

4.  His accent only comes out after he hangs around other Texans with strong accents.  I say y’all WAY more than he does (and I’m from Kansas!)

5.  I’ve mentioned this before but the first time he touched the small of my back on our first date, he lit me up like a Christmas tree!  Yeah, he still has that touch.  Or I’m easy.

6.  On our second date, I drunkenly told him about EVERY FRICKIN CAT my family has ever owned!  The list is long my friends.  And yeah, there was a third date, OBVIOUSLY!  (Shush, you!  No it wasn’t b/c I put out on the 2nd date.  I did but I think it sort of sucked, for him at least!)

7.  He gives the BEST bum rubs.  Oh lordy.

8.  Its not all GLORIOUS peeps.  When the door opens every evening, I don’t know which man will walk through the door.  The one who can’t keep his hands off me.  Or the one who can’t be spoken too until we’ve sat down for dinner.  Its frustrating to say the least.

9.  He also has this thing about giving me wedgies.  Who wants to smack him around for me?

10.  My daughter pushes my buttons and I’m helpless when she gets worked up and I’m already frustrated.  Adonis amazes me with his ability to remove her from the situation and completely calm her and restore order to my upside down world.  And he does it like its nothing!

11.  The man can change the oil, change the breakpads and even do a minor tune up on our cars.  AND he’s taught me how to as well!  LOVE THAT!

12.  He sees right through me.  I have to tell you this story.  Last week we were at our fertility doctor’s office waiting anxiously for our first ultrasound.  I had been a mess for the past week, screwing up home PG tests, losing sleep.  Just frantic and nervous.  We had had lost our last baby in week 9 and we had seen problems with the embyro as early as that first ultrasound.  So yeah MESS!  So back to the doctor last week.  I’m the nervous nelly and he tells me to calm down.  I tell him, “I don’t think you telling me that does any good.  Maybe a more hands on approach would be more effective.”  His response, “You just want me to rub your butt.” 

I guess I’m pretty transparent.

And finally:

13.  I fell in love with this man the first time he kissed my forehead.  And fall even more in love every time he does it.

Now, if anyone of you wants to puke, we have barf bags in the closet on the right.  If any one wants to examine my head, find me a comfy chaise and finally, could some one resend this to me when I go into labor?  Yes, I believe some of this was inspired by my pregnancy hormones (I ain’t gonna lie, he aint no cake walk!) and two I may need a reminder before I want to tear his hair out.


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18 comments to Thursday Thirteen: Adonis exposed.

  • Chrissy

    I love it!! I could read on forever! Great!! It’s like you’re speaking right out of my deepest soul! Thank you!


  • tulpen

    Sweet list.

    My hubs does the bum rub too… but it is just his way of telling me he wants some.

    I’m also easy, so bum rub usually works.

    I’m jealous you got a tall one… mine is exactly my height.


  • Pop

    “Or I’m easy.” “No it wasn’t b/c I put out on the 2nd date. I did but I think it sort of sucked, for him at least!”

    Not sure if I learned more about Adonis or you in this post ;-P

    What a great tribute and love that there’s good in there w/ the bad. That’s real life.


  • Amber McManus

    My fiance does the boob rub, it means he wants some, and I try to hold out as long as i can, because hey, even if it is my boobs, it’s still sorta a massage! :)


  • Charlene

    Thanks for giving us that information!

    It was all good except for the “I don’t know which man will walk through the door!”


  • Losing Brownies

    I’m a big fan of the butt rub too!

    Your man sounds like a great guy :o )


  • Jodie Kash

    Gotta admit, thought this was going to be an entirely different kind of post, all together.

    Like maybe a towel slipped…


  • Coffeypot

    #5 – Easy is good…I like easy. Who wants foreplay? I’m ADHD! If I start foreplay, within a few minutes I’m working the crossword puzzle. I like easy…ooh…pretty shiny…


  • Ashley @ Just Another Mom of 2

    Love it lady! I’m sure he appreciates the public acknowledgment of his tush as well ;) You crack me up girl! Remember this throughout pregnancy. It may be just me, but when I go into labor I hate my husband. (I get over it). Sounds like you have a great catch!


  • Redshoes51

    None of us are easy…. we all have our difficult times. But you said he gives great butt rubs!!! That’s got to be worth SOMETHING!!! No?

    As long as he loves you… and you love him… then the world is good… no?

    :o )



  • Miri Leigh

    He does sound like a great catch. And… Craigslist?! Who knew?


  • Jessica

    Craigslist? And I thought I was taking a gamble when I met my husband on a blind date.


  • Sherri

    Love, love the bun rub. And I love that you are quite sappy and in love with this dude…promise that I will send this back to you when you are in the throes of labor, cursing at the very mention of his name.

    When do the cleavage pics begin? I know with the very first one, I’ll be feeling extremely under-endowed.


  • MommaKiss

    If mine touches my bum, he is only going in for that wedgie. What’s WITH that? Anwyay – he’s not a bum fan…but I keep him around, anyway.

    I solemnly swear to remind you of this when you are in labor and when Adonis is a jerk-wad.

    So, like next week or so on the latter?


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    OMG, You are the best friend ever! Yes, I need to print this and put it on the fridge, on the TV, on the medicine cabinet, above my bed, at my desk at work!

    WTF is up w/ WEDGIES? John Coffey and men everywhere, please tell us!


  • magnolia

    what is it about the forehead kiss that just has the power to completely knock us over? i’m a sucker for it the same way. the man is an expert at those.


  • jaime

    i don’t remember if i asked this before… is he an aggie? i can’t get away from damn aggie people. (hubby is a member of the cult)


  • Drzibbs

    Where’s my cleavage shots?


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