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Fiction or Flashback?

I never could have imagined being friends with the cool guy.  Me, the dorky, socially-inept, least popular, barely seen girl in high school and Jeff, the baseball player at the local community college, blond, all American good looks. He dated the head cheerleader. They were quite a handsome pair. I didn’t date anyone, ever. I…

Thursday thirteen: Inspiration

As many of you know I’ve been house hunting. After 3 failed offers on 3 different houses, the fun seems to have escaped me. But there is still a bright side: we will eventually move and to somewhere bigger than my little 7 room house. And that new

The return of Homer and Marge

My good friend from across the pond, George, is back with another tale of the incredibly hot and romantic couple Homer and Marge.  Please enjoy. Homer And Marge: The door slammed. “Bastard!” Feet stamped upstairs and wood was put un

Life in Motion -Stream of Consciousness

At 5am, as I hear the cats doing whatever annoying thing they do and then feel the Dude roll and kick I’m made mindful of the fact that life is about motion. Did I meet Adonis on the dance floor? No, but on our first date (at a bar where there may

Is this some kind of joke?

Mandy was exhausted. She and Ethan had put their little cottage on the market and had happily began house hunting. They had hoped to find something closer to work and Eva’s daycare. And hopefully before their next child was born, due in only a few

Wordless Wednesday: back by popular demand

Wham Bam, Thank you Ma’am. Aaaand cut.

Yes, we’re at the end of this exhausting month. Do I feel raw and exposed? Nah. Do I feel relieved, a weight lifted. Hmm, not so much, or at least not from these prompts. Fun? Not really. Glad its over? You bet your freaking hot to trot can’t get eno

Wham Bam wrapping up 30 days part one.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m sort of over this whole 30 days of truth stuff. Some of the navel gazing was really soul cleansing for me and then some of the prompts were just out there. I couldn’t make the connection. So in order to wrap

30 Days of…is this month over yet?

Day 21 — (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do? Rolling eyes! Duh, I get there as fast I can… if he/she is my best friend our fight isn’t near as important as he/she knowi

Flippin’ Off!

Yo yo yo! Wassup my homies! Yeah, that’s how good this feels to sit down and write down all the crap I just need to bitch about. You’ll see it ain’t long. Don’t go…please wait…but…but… Alright, for those I DIDN’T scare away, I’m linking

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