I’ve been away for a while caring for my Mads.  She is just fine and I’ll be fine as the yuck from this week fades to a bad memory. But I wanted to say something about being a MOM and all the feelings that I’ve been experiencing since day . . . → Read More: Momhood

Aaaah Memories

Came home to the husband washing dishes last night.  I know Gals, pick up your jaws. Meant only one thing.  He was feeling amorous. Oh, and he thinks the name “Hubs” is dorky.  What does he know. It was good timing because I had read . . . → Read More: Aaaah Memories

Fine Man Friday

I struggled this week to find the inspiration to post FFF.  I’m just not feeling it and yeah, Hubs, I’m sorry if you’ve suffered too.But the blog must go on.Over the past few years I’ve become a fan of Coen brothers movies.  Sure . . . → Read More: Fine Man Friday

Thursday 13

Oh dear readers, I do have to apologize in advance.  This week’s 13 just may be painful.See, I was inspired by a blog of a REAL writers who wrote stories from shopping lists (or perhaps that is just what they called their collection . . . → Read More: Thursday 13


Lame much?

I’m an idiot. I’ve been spending way too much time thinking about what I might blog about that I’ve not paid attention to my blog! Seriously! I just read a comment by a kind woman, Thank you Martha! and discovered that I made a best a . . . → Read More: Lame much?


Do you know what is better than playing in the leaves on a crisp fall Saturday morning?  Yes, some of you may call it yardwork but it’s one of my favorite cool weather activities.  But there is something even better. Nope, it is not taking . . . → Read More: Bliss

Fine Man Friday

Woo hoo!  It’s Friday.  Feeling lascivious yet?  No?Maybe today’s Fine Man will do the trick.  I’ve been wanting to post about this hunk even before I had a blog!  He just makes my heart flip flop (like only real . . . → Read More: Fine Man Friday

That time again, Thursday 13

So this week should be a little easier to get thru, unless you don’t like family and travel stories.After posting a pic of Half Dome yesterday, Melissa OOOOOh wanted to know more.  Well thanks for asking, here you go:My brother, who had . . . → Read More: That time again, Thursday 13

Less Words Wednesday:Oh Blog, I missed you.

I was playing tour guide here. A little Muir Woods, a little Golden Gate and more Yosemite.  As beautiful as it all is, it is so nice to . . . → Read More: Less Words Wednesday:Oh Blog, I missed you.

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