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Nothing to see here.

Hey folks, I am not dead, have not been abducted by aliens, Hollywood has not grabbed me up to star in anyone’s real life story and no, playboy is asking to showcase my boobs. I am however SWAMPED at work, with a car in the shop (doubly my commute time) and preparing to put my…

Sexy Time, Magnolia style

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to Magnolia.  She is a multi-talented, wonderfully voiced writer who I really enjoy.  Here is a little about her, in her own words: girl-type person, not quite 30. lawyer. excessively educated. largely souther

Monday reprieve

Hi folks. Sorry there isn’t any comment love this week….which means next week (crossing fingers) will be a two-fer. We’ve decided to put our house on the market and there are tons of things to do before its ready to show….so the Mad Woman is go

Saturday dinner: Herbed Pork Chops and potatoes.

Who of you are down for some good old fashioned home goodness?  Great, can you tell me where to find some? Just kidding. This here recipe and I have a long history….and not a good one. I grew up with a mom that wasn’t interested in cooking a

Friday Flip Off – Getting this out of my system

Hi folks.  Do forgive the rant.  I need to get some stuff off my chest (and what a lovely chest it is, I know!) Anyway, I’ve been resistant to write one of these lately because I needed some good old fashioned hippie Karma.  I needed to emb

Talking About a Revolution!

Oh yeah peeps, ANOTHER guest post! Jump back! I lined these up in the midst of 1st trimester hormones breathing down my neck and every part of my body while wondering how I was going to feed all my little chickies…YOU!  So while I may not be su

Wordless Wednesday: a special visit

  A cute Melissa and Doug doll or the comic genius behind Funny or Snot?

Sexy Time where I give someone a hand.

Hello there. It’s that time again, sexy time w/ ME! OMG! I’ve been wanting to write this post for 6 weeks 2 days and about 7 hours. It’s sort of embarrassing but I just HAD to talk about this. I have something to confess. Up until that fateful

Monday lovin’ 11_15

Hola mi amigos y amigas.  Como esta?  How was your weekend? Mine: exhausting.  Swimming, shopping and the zoo with the kid.  Naps: zero. NOT COOL! Ever have tons of ideas floating around in your head but not have the energy or attention spa

Supper Time: Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes

Hello again. It’s time for cooking with the Mad Woman where I share some of my favorite recipes, whether they’re mine or not! This one again comes from Cooking Light’s Fresh Food Fast. I’ve owned this cookbook for almost 6 months and still have ye

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