Thursday Thirteen: building the blog!

Hi Peeps!

Thanks for coming by!  So glad you’re here.  I have these triple chocolate bundt cake minis that are to die for. Please help yourself.

Oh and when I said to die for, I meant they’re over 700 calories each.


So you may be asking yourself, “Self, why do you think that Mad Woman is writing about building a blog?  Doesn’t she have one?  What is she talking about?  Has she gone off the deep end?”

Well maybe I have.  Want to join me?  The water is just fine.

As you know I’m participating in KludgyMom’s Back to school, Back to blogging workshop.  And that most talented and astute (might I add beautiful) woman has inspired me to really turn things upside down over here, shake out the crumbs, clear away the cobwebs and take a closer look at this little diary of mine.

Some of the tasks and reading I’ve been assigned have lead me to some great resources and so I thought I’d share them here.  You’ll find stuff about building a following, using twitter, the look of your blog, content…the whole ball of wax.

Yes, I can hear you, “but wow, Mad Woman, um it sure looks like you haven’t read these.”  Bite me….I’m getting there alright!  I put this together because I love you….and I needed a place to store all of these.

Anyway, if you’ve followed me on Twitter than you’ve bombarded with these links, so sorry for not bringing you FRESH content….but be careful.  They may be one or two you haven’t seen.

Yup, you best just read them all.  Oh, and could you summarize them in the comments because, um, well, my brain has gotten a little fuzzy and my head is spinning with all this good stuff.

I’m not kidding.

On to the LIST! (In no particular order!)

1. All about the meaning of color and how to pick them for your blog.

2. This post from answers the question of a reader about HIS art blog but I found a lot of good points that could apply to many blogs in general.

3. I think I read some of this content (great minds think alike!?!?!) on another featured blogger’s site recently.  No worries, its all good, and I mean ALL of it…keep reading peeps!

4. This is one I have to revisit, sit down and rethink things, me thinks.  You?

5.  I haven’t used forums with any regularity but this post is making me think I should:

6.  She is one of my idols.  I’m so glad she posted this, now if only I could take the time to slow down and use these tips:

7. I loved this post and had to share this with you.  It might be a little self serving, ahem.  And if you’re not following this fabulous gal, you’re missing out….you can’t depend on me to keep bringing these to you!

8. Um, lets just keep this in the back pocket, shall we?

9.  Look out, I may just read this and I’ll be taking over the blogosphere!  Yeah, I haven’t read it yet, shoot me.  But read this if you are new to twitter, don’t get it or want to be better at it.

10. Really, I should just direct you to the entire archive, but here’s one more: It’s a list within a post…clever bugger.  AND a TON of good stuff.

11. AND FINALLY, the last one from copy blogger:

12  I know I mentioned her earlier this week but I had to share it again.  My new bestie wrote this great post that taught me how to make my own button.  Give love to Morgan:

13.  Finally, if you just want a list of great blogs for resources check this out…and yeah, I wish I’d found this one first!

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