A brief Sunday funny

No, I’m not the best housekeeper.  I’m not really good at laundry.  Sure, I get stains out, I don’t overdry.  I just don’t do it with any regularity and I NEVER put a whole load away in one day.

So this morning my toddler came to my bedside with one of my sweaters in her arms, snuggling it like a babydoll.  Aah so cute, until I thought, ooh, I’m not sure that sweater is clean.

I hesitantly sniffed the aforementioned item and was relieved that is was snuggly fresh.  Back to cute kid waddling around, snuggling my sweater.

And then she wiped her runny nose on it.

I needed to do a load of delicates anyway.

Oh no, do I hear her playing with the toilet paper in the bathroom?  Might be time to get out of bed.

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