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Friday Flip Offs

Hoorah! MommaKiss is the bearer of the Friday Flip Off!  (Thanks KludgyMom! It’s okay, we’ll still read your EVERY POST!) Okay, enough nice stuff. Here’s the scoop, MommaKiss and a few other of you wonderful writers discovered this site of Bitter Betties of infertile woman who bashed MOTHERS for bitching about having a bad day…

Flip-off Friday and the Fine man you brought with you!

Oh, hey there.  How was your week?  Do anything fun?  Got plans for the weekend? Yeah, me neither. But I did jump on the FU wagon this week, because, it was the thing to do and my favorite bestest bloggy friend was doing this host thin

Fine Man Friday returns

What Momma wants, Momma gets. Mr. Philippe, my dear. Aren’t you cute? Cute?  I know Tae Kwon Do!  Did you see my cover of Men’s Health? Do I look like Justin in this pic?  Why yes, sir, you do. source Thank you interweb for denyi

Fine Man Friday :DMB does it every time!

Last night we started things off slow, easy, smooth. Sultry, you could say. Every step, joy. Every movement, pleasure. Words that warmed me, a beat that got my blood moving. It wasn’t long before things started to heat up. His voice in my ear, pushin

Fine Man Friday: I need a hero, or a break from reality, you pick.

Where have all good men goneAnd where are all the gods?Where’s the street-wise HerculesTo fight the rising odds?Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need.I need a heroI’m holding out for a he

Fine Mad Friday, under the covers, yum.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  You’re going to want to get a towel for this one, and maybe a fan. I only had to see one 30 second promo to get all bothered over this new show.  I know it’s action and there’s a married couple. But once I saw

Fine Man Friday: meatless edition

Hi ya. Welcome new little heads over there. Sorry that we’re low on beer and the won’t be any weiners on the grill. We’re making some “adjustments” to our lifestyle at the Mad house or in other words, getting the fat out. And in honor of this, ahe

Fine Man Friday: Goal!

This week, my friends, is the kick off to the World Cup.  What better way to honor such a popular sport than to highlight it’s hotties!?!?!?!?! Let me tell you, the research was grueling.  I do have to apologize that I didn’t find more to p

Fine Man Friday: Give this team an A!

Woo hoo!  Finally ahead of the curve! And good thing, because there was is no plan B. (I was just moaning to a friend that I’m always late to the party and then I got some inspiration.  I should write this stuff down!)Oh, welcome new heads.

Fine Man Friday: Bollywood edition

You’ve seen what happens when I get inspired: baseball stars, 80′s stars, Latin love, etc.  Thursday night was Zumba AND the “So you think you can dance!” season premiere.  So yeah, you’d think I’d show you some hot dancers, sweaty, muscular, F

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