No, please don’t make me!

Ah, yes, another Day of Truth Post.  Today’s prompt: — Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it. Adonis would laugh out loud if he read this but I tell you the truth, I cannot live . . . → Read More: No, please don’t make me!

Asinine to Zoloft

A writing prompt came my way. Blindly, I said I’d do it. Cheryl, (yes, I’m calling you out) said write a post using each letter of the alphabet…or something. Delightful, yes, this will be delightful. Except for the fact I may . . . → Read More: Asinine to Zoloft

Monday Luvin 12_13

Oops, you’ve found me in my pj’s, sipping coffee and listening to the worst Christmas music these ears have ever heard. I’m pretty sure that’s Celine Dion singing Feliz Navidad. Excuse me while I go put on my . . . → Read More: Monday Luvin 12_13

Monday reprieve

Hi folks. Sorry there isn’t any comment love this week….which means next week (crossing fingers) will be a two-fer. We’ve decided to put our house on the market and there are tons of things to do before its ready to show….so the Mad Woman . . . → Read More: Monday reprieve

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing

What, not ready to hang that holiday wreath?  Come on, tell me you’ve started Christmas/Hanukkah shopping. PSSST There are only 43 shopping days until Christmas.  Time to get your shit together. Wait, let me turn down carols I have . . . → Read More: Just hear those sleigh bells ringing

Tuesday’s Tuna, the end of an era

***Editing note:  Joining the Tuesday train.  Come take a look over at Christy’s place and see what it’s all about.  Come on, you know you want to! Oh, did I overstate things? Now really, did you think this was gonna be a fixture of . . . → Read More: Tuesday’s Tuna, the end of an era

never too much Sesame Street

Happy birthday to the Street.I’ve been watching SS since I was an itty bitty kid and then again with my sister who is 9 years younger than me and now once again w/ my toddler.  Grover and Cookie Monster were my favorites and I loved to try . . . → Read More: never too much Sesame Street

A brief Sunday funny

No, I’m not the best housekeeper.  I’m not really good at laundry.  Sure, I get stains out, I don’t overdry.  I just don’t do it with any regularity and I NEVER put a whole load away in one day.So this morning my toddler came to . . . → Read More: A brief Sunday funny


You see that note about myself over there on the right —–> I said I was a little athletic.  Um.   Hm.Brief history here:  I was never coordinated or interested enough to play organized sports in school.  I SUCKED . . . → Read More: Athletic?

blogging in my dreams

Perhaps writers don’t have this problem.  You experienced bloggers out there just have posts flying from your fingertips.Not me.I lie in bed thinking about what to blog, playing out the whole post in my mind.  How will this play out, . . . → Read More: blogging in my dreams

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