Thankful thirteen

Thanks?  You’re thinking, Amy, you’re a week early.  Well folks, the fam will be in town and I’m pretty sure while there will be plenty of blog fodder, there will be little time for a posting, let alone a Thursday thirteen…so there you have it.

1.  (Yeah, I’m using numbers just so I can keep these buggers straight.) I am SOOOO grateful I live 1/2 a continent away from the closest family member.  Don’t get me wrong, my fam is GREAT, as long as they’re thousands of miles away.

2.  That home is Northern California.  ’nuff said.

3.  I have a generous and entertaining boss, mostly inappropriate but that’s what makes him entertaining…more about him soon, I promise.

4.  I am so grateful for my health, that I can run and swim and chase after my little girl.

5.  I am most enamored by and so very thankful for my wonderful neighbors.  They have been real friends, a source of support and wisdom and emergency childcare.  Love you guys!

6.  Thank you to Allah, God, Yahweh, whoever brought my friends into my life.  They keep me honest, are fiercely loyal and yeah, most are older than me.  HEE!

7.  I know its shallow, but I am so grateful for my flat screen tv.  I’m an addict, I admit…so is my TV my dealer?  But do you know how beautful the butts of the NFL look in HD?

8.  I’m grateful these lists are only 13 items long!

9.  Thank you bloggers for your posts.  You bring me joy and help keep my hands out of the cookie jar.

10. Aaah, Mom, how could I write this list without mentioning you?  Thank you for shielding me from most of the 80′s.  Yeah, I was a huge dork for a really long time but hey, I’ve got plenty of movies for my netflix queu.

11. And for teaching me how to wallpaper, strip and refinish furniture and the hours of sleep you lost making me the most beautiful clothes when I was little.

12.Thank you Mrs Mayfield, Mrs Smith and Mrs K, for your faith in me as a student and instilling in me a love of literature and writing.  And if you ever read this, I’m sorry that I’m a poor representative of your teaching skills.

13.  Finally, I am so very grateful for my yummy, successful, TALL husband (I just deleted a backhanded compliment…not the place Amy, smacking hand) and my delightful and darling daughter.  Mad you are a gift for which I will always be grateful.

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  1. cynjay
    November 19, 2009 | 2:01 pm

    And the neighbors are grateful for you!

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