Thursday thirteen….again!

What, wait, it’s Thursday?  How did that happen? 
Don’t get me wrong, I dont want to relive Wednesday but Thursday?
Is here?
I have to do one of these darn lists again? 

Okay, I guess thats how its got to be.

Here we go, chin up girl and let’s do this.

My new faves!

So forEVER my husband has been harassing me about making more of an effort with my appearance, dressing more femininely…that’s a hard word to spell when you’re sounding it out, by the way.  Lots harder than bananananana….see how that happens? 
Anyway, so this is the season I’ve decided to give it a shot.  Let’s face it, this face isn’t looking any younger, better not scare away the kiddies.   So I had my teeth whitened (thats a fun horror story for another time) and now I can wear all kinds of red lipsticks.  (Note to self, must find one w/ a little more orange, while I can still pull it off.)  Who knew how much lipstick could transform your look, AND your attitude.
Oh, the hubs thinks the red is suggestive….hm.  Gotta be careful with THAT one.

Along those same lines, I’ve been wearing the darlingest shoes, bought them in black and brown.  I bought these about 2 years ago and they’ve just been sitting in my closet, waiting for me to get over my “heels” anxiety and take them out for a strut.  Isn’t that little bow just adorable.  I LOVE how they make this plaid skirt from Banana Republic (bought on clearance YEARS ago) suddenly look current.
I have to say cinnamon raisin bagels rock!  Just the right time of the year for all the cinnamon goodness…with a fat schmear of cream cheese, of course.
Yummy yummy pumpkin spicy!  I’ve always loved scented lotions.  Plumeria from Bath and Body was an long time fave (in my twenties…..give me some credit, I’ve grown!).  Well, awhile ago I bought some lotions and potions online (again, a couple of years ago, prebaby) and somehow the pumpkin that sounded so at the time ended up in the back of my medicine cabinet.  Well ol’ girl (that’s me, btw) pulled this delightful little bottle out for fun and woowee, thats some yummy stuff.  I am sorry to report that B&BW doesn’t have the same scent this year.  You’ll just have to come hug me to get a sniff of the deliciousness.
Did I just invite total strangers to touch me?  Wow, I know how to live dangerously, don’t I?
NBC’s the Office, and it’s inspiration, BBC’s the Office.  Does that need any explanation?  (That doesn’t count as two, does it?)
Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice latte, hold the whipped cream.  Yum…though I’m fickle, it’ll be eggnog latte time any day now.
I love to read.  Every time I find a fun blog, I add it to my “following” list.  I pick up trashy novels anytime I stop by the library, thumb through home improvement mags and manuals while in line at Home Depot but I have to share this great website that really takes me out of my box: It posts articles from all sorts of magazines on a super wide variety of topics, ones I would never think to look for…and I gobble them up.  I’ve learned so much about FBI profiling, human trafficing, opium, the making of a secret service agent.  This is not the fluff you find at the grocery store checkout counter.  I feel just a wee bit smarter every day.
Yosemite.  For those who have been there, no explanation necessary.  For those who haven’t, whatcha waitin’ for?  Fall is a gorgeous time to go, just before it gets too cold to be bearable.  Spring, when the falls are flowing full force ain’t bad either.
Amazon.  Yes, this isn’t original but darn they’re good at what they do….getting me the stuff I want in a reasonable amount of time, at a good price and I don’t have to retype my data everytime I need a new cd, or gadget, or hmmmm quesadilla maker?  Plus, this is how I avoid the christmas shopping madness.  Aaah, I’m happy just thinking about it.
My little sister.  For those who have little sisters, you know they aren’t always a, hm, how to say this kindly, not always a blessing.  When I was a little girl, I told Mom I wanted a sister.  I didn’t realize that she wouldn’t be my age when she came.  To save some content for later posts, let me just say that now that we’re both mothers, we’re more close than we’ve ever been and I admire and adore this gorgeous gal.  Love you Jo!
Snuggling with my 18-month old when it’s too cold to be out of bed.  Though I have to say, sleeping in comes in a close 2nd.  Why does she need to be awake at 5 EVERY morning?
My in-laws.  While their son isn’t always a peach, I can always count on J and G’s support, good humor and generosity.  Just the best in laws a gal could ask for.  Though there was that bit of withholding information until the day after the wedding…something about it’s not a male trait to buy jewelry.  What the….
And finally, aahh….finishing my lists.  I love putting something to bed, walking away knowing something is completed and I did it.  A sense of accomplishment.  And lookie lookie…I did it!  All done.  Whew.
3 Responses to Thursday thirteen….again!
  1. Melissa
    November 6, 2009 | 10:12 am

    I had a Pumpkin Spice latte yesterday but I was really hoping for the salted caramel hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. Soon!

  2. Susan (5 Minutes For Mom)
    November 7, 2009 | 3:18 am

    I used to do Thursday Thirteens too, but I ran out of ideas. LOL

  3. Jo Mama
    November 8, 2009 | 11:34 pm

    So funny you are digging the cinnamon raisin bagels too! I have been on a kick for many months now, except now the kiddos have caught on, so I have to sneak and eat my breakfast BEFORE I get them up and feed them – that is, if I want to HAVE a breakfast!

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