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SOC: Just say no.

If my parents want to come visit after I’ve just had major surgery: Just say no. If my husband wants me to come home early from the hospital after having major surgery:  Just say no. If my parents want to come to visit when I have a newborn in the house: Just say no. If…

Call me motivated to bring you another guest!

OH EM GEE!  Thank you all for the love this week. And thank you to the hot and talented writers gracing this blog. You are my idols for one reason or another. Today’s guest I’ve adored since seeing her borderline inappropriate comments on my fa

The last time.

“This was absolutely the last time” That’s what she told herself. She was done with online dating sites, done with Craigslist creeps, done with finding “the One.” Was she done with being alone? Yes. Was she done with picking up

All work and no play makes KLZ….

…today’s guest! Imagine an elephant, high on percocet doing a happy dance.  That would be me.  KLZ of Taming Insanity fame was so kind to offer to guest post for me while I’m laid up, breast feeding the Dude and trying to keep my newly enh

WTF or Wordless Wednesday

Oh! Hey, how are ya? Miss me? I’ve sat down to write this post 4 or 5 times without getting past logging into my blog. In case you didn’t catch the news, the Dude arrived a little early and its left me scrambling. Also, mommy brain is in full e

Seven, a guest post of pure poetry

You all know my dear and talented friend, CDG of Move Over Mary Poppins. I have been blessed to call her my friend, am repeatedly amazed and speechless by her words and LOVE that she is unafraid of engaging in some inappropriate tweeting! If you have

The Dude has left the um

….building? That doesn’t sound quite right does it? What I’m trying to say is my Sam was born. Tiny to me, he was 7lbs 4oz. He’s beautiful. Oh and finally has a name: Samuel Ian. But you can call him The Dude. Ssshhhhh, don’t tell his sist

Words from the Daddy!

Oops, you thought the Dude’s daddy.  That’ll be a cold day in…. ah forget it.  Many of you know my good friend John of  The Adventures of Daddy Runs A Lot He’s agreed to fill my blog with his wisdom and humor today. Please give him some

Monday madness

Hey folks, Sorry to get this out so late. I worked like a dog today and didn’t have a moment for my social media lovers.  **big fat sad face. Another reason for a sad face: Due to Blogger being a major A-HOLE I didn’t have a chance to tell y


It was the summer of 2005 in Northern California and a beautiful day to see the ponies run. My new boss and I drove across the bay and met with our sales advisor, Rick.  It was his foal running that day but we were really just there to introduce m

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