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Boot camp, baby!

As some of you know, I’m a little crazy about exercise. If I’m not doing Wii step with the Dude in my arms, I’m using him as a weight for dead lifts or stretching over him doing plank or down dog (that’s YOGA, people). Working out WITH Sam is not only fun but the only…

I miss her.

My grandmother was this strong, decisive, direct woman. She didn’t beat around the bush, she said things like “Sherry, why do you buy that crap.” Oh, it warms my heart to hear her voice in my head. I’m a little like her. But this post isn’t about

I’ll never be a nurse.

One of my college roommates was studying to be a nurse. I admired her dedication to her studies and admired her grasp of science. I had always liked science and health and thought, hm, if ever I need a change, I’d want to be a nurse. When I was wo

Whiner Wednesday?

I’d like to think I’m not a whiner. Yes, I can type that with a straight face. So this mothering thing. Its kicking my ass, well, my boobs actually. You all know how excited I was to have boobs. I did a pretty good job of documenting their grow

Sexy dry spell redux

  It’s Time Travel Tuesday again…..and me thinks, also time to revive the sexy time series. Yes? What?  Hold the presses! Okay, seriously, I bailed on you all.   Come on, Chuck, House AND Lie to Me, all on ONE NIGHT?!?!?!?  Serious

Gettin Juiced!

If that title made you think of Barry, Jason or Marion, then HIGH TO THE FIVE! Okay, I’m not condoning steroid use…though I could use some help from a personal trainer. Have you seen my ass lately? So I ran off to my gym to check out the per

Mama needs a new ring!

Hey all. I’m not gonna beat around the bush…I’m too busy chasing birds out of my house. No, I don’t have the brain power to make a joke about birds in a bush, blah blah blah. What I CAN do for you is to send you over to my girl Natalie’s blog

Sexy time rewind

Hi all, I had grand plans for writing a post about affection for the Red Dress Club. It was beautiful in my head but then Sam cluster fed ALL DAY. He did allow me to tweet occasionally as well as do a Wii workout, WHILE he was on my boob. Yeah,

Rockin’ the bump.

Bump pictures, really? I know, dear loyal readers, I hear ya. I’m more of a butt girl myself, well, when the boobs aren’t taking over the show. HOWEVER, I have this pic that I’ve wanted to share because, well, I think its funny. And then Shell

Six Word Sunday: Exhausted

My children cry wolf. I cry.

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