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Tri Girl, the evidence

Yes, the two photos below aren’t actual proof that I DID the triathlon (some things are better left to your imagination), at least I knew how to dress the part!   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this…

Tri? Girl, I DID!

No? not that catchy? Maybe I should explain the triathlon I did this weekend was called Tri Girl Tri. And yes, Let me first say a big fat thank you to Lori. She made a casual remark at BlogHer 2 months ago about doing a triathlon and

Happy Birthday Jim!

I wrote almost two years ago but as Google reminds me, its Jim Henson’s birthday and oh hell, why not, lets replay it (and be reminded how my writing has improved!)   Happy birthday to the Street. I’ve been watching SS since I was an it

And the training continues, 22 days to go.

First of all, prayers for all those suffering from wild fires, flooding, power outages. I pray your suffering ends quickly and without loss. Ugh, its Friday and I’m beat. My house is a wreck, the Dude is out of diapers, the fridge is nearly empty

Training recap, 29 days to go.

The triathlon is 29 days away. I is skeered. This week started off great with 2 short rides, 11 miles each. Just wanting to get a feel for the bike and riding again. It had been YEARS since I rode a bike. I know, there is a reason why I call my

Time Out!

Holla! Well that’s what I thought my toddler said! She actually was saying “Hola.” I’ve been so distracted with work, training, the Dude, this blog that I barely understand the Mad anymore. So on that very short note, I’m going to be taking a l

Wordless Wednesday: Challenge

Hee! Did you do link up to Six Word Sunday? Do you have a pic to link for Wordless Wednesday? Link here, baby!  

Six Word Sunday: Challenge

This training is kicking my ass.   Link up your response to “challenge” and of course, six word comments are always welcome.

There is a picture of a dildo in this post

Is it Friday yet? This training is kicking my ass. This three year old has been pushing my buttons and darn it, I need some quality time with my new toy.  (Thank you Eden Fantasys!) Oops, I almost forgot! Th

Wordless Wednesday: where the magic happens

Heh, you thought you’d find a picture of my pants or my bedroom, didn’t you? Hee! I was inspired by MommaKiss’ post of her office this week so I thought I’d share with you the delightful space where I tweet, read blogs and occasionally work.

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