Monthly Archives: September 2011

Happy Birthday Jim!

I wrote almost two years ago but as Google reminds me, its Jim Henson’s birthday and oh hell, why not, lets replay it (and be reminded how my writing has improved!)   Happy birthday to the Street. I’ve been watching SS since I was an itty bitty kid and then again with my sister who…

And the training continues, 22 days to go.

First of all, prayers for all those suffering from wild fires, flooding, power outages. I pray your suffering ends quickly and without loss. Ugh, its Friday and I’m beat. My house is a wreck, the Dude is out of diapers, the fridge is nearly empty

Training recap, 29 days to go.

The triathlon is 29 days away. I is skeered. This week started off great with 2 short rides, 11 miles each. Just wanting to get a feel for the bike and riding again. It had been YEARS since I rode a bike. I know, there is a reason why I call my

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