Sexy Time at the Mad House

I was really tempted to just leave you all with a title and see what you thought….because yes, all I have is a title.

Its not news to the moms that libido can take a nose dive during pregnancy or that it can spike. For me, the previous, unfortunately.  I don’t know what it is but since we started trying to have children (5+years ago) my sex drive has been uncooperative.

Sure there have been some fun moments, times when I couldn’t keep my hands off Adonis.  (And ladies, let me tell you, he is a tall drink of water, seriously!) And certainly when I’ve been drinking, I do get pretty wild. That doesn’t always work in my favor.

But since that kind of drinking isn’t an option at the moment, I think I need an intervention. You know I try dressing sexy and just end up with a cold fanny and sore feet before we get a chance to get to the fun stuff. I have yet to find an attractive combination of items that keep me warm and still turn on my very visual husband.

The clothing was my first go-to fix but my sexy jeans aren’t doing their trick, thank you popping baby belly. I’ve been reading some warm up posts over at CDG’s place and they’ve certainly made me feel, well, more interested.

So this was not to be a post about marriage tips but reading over previous comments to my more serious sexy time posts seem to suggest that I may need to take a closer look at just that, my relationship.

We don’t communicate well, we know it. We both suffer from a little of “I will when he/she does.” There is also the whole Mars/Venus thing going on.  I don’t see how he can think about sex when I can’t get the smell of dirty diapers out of my head. Of course I get the whole “I gotta have her” thing because, well, I’m um, okay, I’m a little hot, in the booty area, at least.

So let me ask you, what do you do to get into the mood? How do you stay there when the child/chores/LIFE keeps knocking at your bedroom door/brain?  Seriously, I’m asking for your help.

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  • Shell

    Honesty here: I just don’t ever say no. Even when I really don’t feel like it. I eventually get into the mood. And I never regret saying yes.


  • Charlene

    I’m with Shell. I don’t think sex with your guy should be such a production.

    I’m with Lenny, who I’ve known for 43 years. I asked him once if I had ever said no because I couldn’t remember having said that ever. He said yes I had when we were on the way to Senior Prom and I didn’t want to mess up my hair. I said, well did I say yes after prom? He smiled and said, “Oh yeah.”

    I have no memory of this at all.


  • cricket

    I so understand your question/position.. or there lack of.. but girl.. I am the last one to ask!! My husband and I have a HUGE communication problem..and… now.. well.. I think it’s just not there..but you have Adonis…. how about a little get away..somewhere warm..couples only…. could be you need just a change of scenery…


  • tulpen

    Lube yes.

    What Shell said, also yes.

    Reading lots of smut made a real difference for me. Well US I guess.

    And we ignore the kids. Yup. Turn the TV on and lock the bedroom door. Is that wrong?


  • Amber

    Well, I have honestly never had this problem, my sex drive is dangerously high,, In fact I was on the shot a while back, and the doctor told me that it would lower my sex drive,, and it did, but only to the point were I only wanted it like 3 times a week. Yes I am that bad, my husband doesn’t seem to mind all that much though. :)


  • Coffeypot

    Just how visual and kinky is he? I have an idea that could work for both of you (warmth and kinky). How about a crotchless Eskimo outfit. I hear Caribou can be soft and supple.


  • jaime

    i don’t have a problem getting into the mood – i have a problem getting hubby there with me. i don’t have any answers for either one of us.


  • Jill VT

    The first trimester, forget it. Just say yes when he asks, but make sure you are a bit mopey and tired looking all the time so he feels bad about asking.

    The second trimester on, there is the wonderful thing called the Hitachi Magic Wand…


  • Symdaddy

    If ‘in the mood’ means you are …

    … ready for a romp,

    … up for a tumble,

    … nooky needy,

    … ready to hide the sausage,

    … about to blow …

    then I can’t help you. What I need is something to turn off ‘the mood’.

    I’m tired … sooooooooo tired. And my back hurts!

    But … my God! … what fun!!!


  • fickle cattle

    I’m always in the mood, so, uhm, yea.


  • CDG

    Hey! Thanks for pimping my sexy self!

    I’m with the masses on rarely saying no, although I’m pretty much always game. And nothing does it for me like sexy words. Seriously. Why do you think I write like that?


  • Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    I got nothing so I’ll just sit back and read the comments.


  • Nichole

    I read a tip recently that has made a world of difference for us and I can’t believe that I’m going to share this here. But here goes…

    Think about it all day. Imagine. Daydream. Think about the amazing past experiences. Fantasize all day long. It takes effort, trust me, I smell those diapers too. By the time the evening arrives, you may find that you’ve built up some anticipation.

    While men are visual, we are much more emotional. That build up, that imagining has helped us a lot.


  • Poppy

    I had no advice other than alcohol, but glad to pick up a few tips from Tulpen, Shell, and Nichole.


  • Pamela

    My last pregnancy? Oh thank heaven for the rabbit and energizers! Do u see what I did there? I used the 7-11 jingle as my intro because that’s brilliance people!! Don’t hate…


  • Madison

    Oh I have major issues here! Sexy TV helps. Sometimes I really have to focus and make my mind concentrate and go with it. I try to never say No, and I never regret it. If I say no, I always regret it.


  • Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Nothing is sexier than a man who makes dinner, cleans the kitchen, bathes the kids – unfortunately, I’m WAY too tired watching all that.

    Wait. This was not helpful.


  • Miri

    Try a little soft porn in short story format or online video. And if that doesn’t work, just focus on something else. Try not to think about it too much or beat yourself up over it. This will pass… soon you will be in another chapter of your lives with more time and less stress and you’ll be all over each other.


  • Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

    I’m with Jessica. I’m all about the lube.


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