Monday Lovin 12_20

Yo ho ho ho!  I’m thinking bottle of rum, less jolly ol’ fat guy but whatever. How was your weekend? Shopping done?  Yeah, me neither.

Just a head’s up. I’m participating in a blog post swap this week and will be hosting the lovely KLZ from Taming Insanity. She’s a real kick in the pants and I’m honored to have her words grace my little blog.  I’ll be hanging out at Natalie’s, Mommy of a Monster. And if you thinking your going to see me in some sappy little elf costume, chiming in on Frosty, Rudolph and Red Ryder BB guns, well, you’ll just have to pop over there and find out, won’t you?

I’m also travelling to my in laws and may or may not be able to get much writing done. So miss me, will ya?  I’ll shove my winter blues down somewhere behind my stomach around my duodenum and try to get around and visit you all in the next week or so but boob pics will definitely NOT be on the menu. Sorry peeps, the family drinks and that’s why I love them but me flashing my fun jugs just may be too much for them.

Where was I? Oh yeah, this loving post. And I do love you all, dontcha know? Let me point out some of the reasons why.  You guys say stuff like this about James Taylor “He looks like a dick head.” Thanks Tulpen.  You tell me about your um, alternative lifestyles “I still managed to have a pretty swingin’ life with two (kids).”  That’s what you meant, right Jill? You are way cooler than I thought!  I’m sure Pamela didn’t want me to think she was IN LOVE with me, so she added a pet name “Love ya biznitch.” Yeah, that cleared THAT up.  Poppy’s comment from Monday probably tops the chart, she sums me up too!  ”I felt like a foster child who had found a permanent home when I stumbled across this blog. Nudity, sex, and prostitution. Yep, I knew I was home.”  Welcome home, Poppy, welcome home.

Tuesday I was very happy to have the talented CDG from Move Over Mary Poppins share a hot little number with us.  She left many of us wanting more…and maybe inspired to build a fire and jump someone’s bones. Not bad, CDG, not bad at all.  Paige said, “I think I need some of that snow to cool down…” Ella had this to share, “This made me tingly in all the right places. MORE PLEASE. It’ll be the most action I’ve gotten in weeks!”  Amen sister!  And then of course, MommaKiss‘ note, “Note to self. Read again, whilst at home, alone.  *fanning my face”  That is what I call some sexy time, am I right?

Now I will apologize for not posting more last week hopefully my boobs made up for it.  I don’t think many of you minded the pic. In fact, I’m pretty sure MommaKiss‘ comment is ALL LOVE!  ”Two words: Motor. Boat.”  That’s my lover right there peeps, in case you didn’t know. But it may get interesting if Tulpen has her way, “I’ll throw in a cyber grope and jiggle though, for kicks.”  Someone was playing Santa’s little helper, “OK, you are SO not on Santa’s nice list anymore! Them things are getting naughty… Jealous? Yeah, I am.” Thanks Sherri.  And apparently I inspired more than lustful thoughts, “This reminds me I need to shop for bras. I hate shopping for bras. Frickness.”  Sorry Megan, so do I.  Sandra got right to it and she’s right, “That’s just showing off.”  Yes, it is.  As long as these puppies are looking this good, I’m going to spread the word.

Do you guys have some posts you’re excited about this week?  Want to pimp them in the comments? Go for it! Or if you just want to tell me how much you love me or want my boobs, you can say that too.

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7 comments to Monday Lovin 12_20

  • Coffeypot

    I’ll miss ya, but the family stuff is important, too. Just have a great time with them and don’t lust after a drink too much. The little munchkin in be hanger can’t handle it. If I don’t see or hear from you, have a wonderful Christmas.


  • Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    Nice Monday Love.


  • Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

    Girl! I love you and I want your boobs. I’m gonna miss them online, but hey it’s all good cuz I get to see you IN PERSON!!! OMG!! I can’t wait. Have a great trip and can’t wait to see ya!~~!


  • Jill VT

    Hopefully Adonis is noticing all this BOUNTY…anyhoo, have fun at the inlaws-they sound much BETTER than mine!


  • magnolia

    safe travels – have a good holiday!


  • Symdaddy

    Have a nice time at the ‘outlaws’ place.

    I’ll look after your joint as long as you promise to stock up the drinks cabinet and fridge before you go.

    You don’t have to lock your underwear drawer like you did last time … I swear to God that I don’t do that stuff no more. I almost strangled myself getting out of that bra last time. You should have told me to turn it around before unhooking it!

    Can I bring my dog? He likes chocolate cake too! Make sure you have enough!!!


  • tulpen

    I’d hate to have to travel for Christmas. I like everyone to come to me. And they are!! Gonna have a houseful. Gonna get wasted.

    Thanks for reminding me. I need to take that Dickhead James off my iPod Christmas mix. Don’t know how he ended up on there.


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