Monday Lovin 12_6

Hello my friends and lovers.  How are your boobs?  You give ‘em a good feeling lately?

Just another one of the services we provide here at the Diary, or dairy as I often mistype.

And how is the Christmas shopping? Oh, yeah and Hanukkah? How’d that work out for ya? I will patiently wait for old St Nick to bring me my time machine and buyer and slip covers.  But feel free to ask me for more details.

This week was a shorty b/c yes, I’ve been lazy or busy, however you want to look at it.  And I do apologize for the poor commenting skills. There’s really no excuse. Oh wait, does pregnancy make your commenting skills all wonky?  If so, THAT’s my excuse.

I mailed it in on Tuesday, just telling you I was alive, busy and would be back.  And you all still gave me love. SIGH.

Probably my favorite comment of the week, because, well, because: I miss seeing your words light up my google reader. *justanothermotherof2

When work gets so hectic that it interferes with your blogging and boob photography, there is only one thing you can do.  Quit your job.  You can make enough money off your boob shots and a Playboy centerfolds to keep you going financially. *coffeypot

I’m waiting for the boob shots of course. *coldasheaven

I’m the Caulk Queen. *Havewemet? You think she’s angling for a sexy time guest post?  Hmmmm.

Wednesday is of course, supposed to be wordless, so I usually express myself on Twitter and this weeks post really inspired some doozies.  Amazingly enough, my dirty little mind must have been on autopilot, because I typed this and didn’t even see it coming:  Girlfriend, I SO needed that funnel. Been beating off the husband. I’m still noshing on the goodies and loving my monkey.

Leave it to John/Coffeypot to bring the focus back on him, and I love him for it :  And if you like spicy cock, I have a travel bottle of Tabasco Sauce.

I think Lifebeginsat3oty summed it up best: Awesomeness in a box! Coincidentally, that was my nickname in college. Heh.

On Thursday I presented my list for Santa (or the generous among you).  And you guys didn’t disappoint but I have to say my favorite comment came from Cheryl at Mommypants: Boobs. How I long for the DD I had when No. 3 was born. You can imagine what they look like now that he’s been weaned for awhile. Then again, it’s kind of creepy to ask another woman to imagine my boobs, so never mind. Cheryl obviously doesn’t know how much I enjoy imagining another woman’s boobs.  I’m usually trying to imagine them as my own.  But now that I know that Cheryl had DDs, I’m going to keep a closer eye on her blog!

Last weekend I had a delightful time with 5 other bloggers when we met for brunch in San Francisco. I wasn’t sure how to tell the story without sounding like the freshman kid at the senior’s table.  (No gals, you’re not OLD, come on. Don’t take it that way!). Anyway, when the Red Writing Hood prompt saved me and I instead plotted their deaths. It was fun and I hope you enjoyed it. But apparently I didn’t take it far enough for Tulpen: I was really looking forward to a little bloodshed… but just far enough for Old Tweener: If I didn’t think you were so funny, you might scare me…. BRILLIANT! I la-la-la-la-LOVE IT! You got game, girl. And a heaping of wit. Thank you, Flying Chalupa (Yeah, I know, the Flying Chalupa, right here on my little blog!) And of course, In Pursuit of Martha Points knew what she had to do: Now I’m so totally going to be watching my back. And my front. And thank you again for the generousity, JustAnotherMomof2: What a creative way to share your event! You always make me want to read more..even if I’m alarmed at where this will go….

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