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The return of Homer and Marge

My good friend from across the pond, George, is back with another tale of the incredibly hot and romantic couple Homer and Marge.  Please enjoy. Homer And Marge: The door slammed. “Bastard!” Feet stamped upstairs and wood was put under immense strain as a bedroom door was almost wrenched from it’s hinges. “Bastard!” More stamping…

Its like bathing in Starbursts

Yes folks I’m bringing you a guest post because, well, it isn’t that I’m not feeling sexy. (Did you see me strutting my stuff, baby belly out to here and wearing fishnet stockings …that crazy bitch was me!)  But I’m swamped at work and barely keep

Ho ho holiday!

Hi everyone! As an early Christmas present, I have a guest post for you today.  As part of the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Swap I’ve got the lovely KLZ from Taming Insanity providing the entertainment.  If you haven’t met this delightful blogger, you should r

Sexy Time: Winter’s Morning

I am so proud to welcome today’s guest writer.  She is talented, funny and well, she gets my blood flowing in all the right places.  (She’ll thank me for that intro, I’m sure.  And you’ll be thanking me for introducing her to you.) This is CDG

Talking About a Revolution!

Oh yeah peeps, ANOTHER guest post! Jump back! I lined these up in the midst of 1st trimester hormones breathing down my neck and every part of my body while wondering how I was going to feed all my little chickies…YOU!  So while I may not be su

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