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Oops, you’ve found me in my pj’s, sipping coffee and listening to the worst Christmas music these ears have ever heard. I’m pretty sure that’s Celine Dion singing Feliz Navidad. Excuse me while I go put on my Pandora Christmas station where my sense won’t be assaulted.

Aaah, so much better.  By the way, while I swear my eternal love and adoration of James Taylor, his voice isn’t made for Christmas Carols. Sorry.

As a blog writer I adore comments. I love being told what a great writer I am (those probably come in after those twitter wine parties, but that’s okay, drunken love is still love.) The spam is hilarious and I even appreciate being called on the carpet to practice what I preach. Its through these comments I’ve developed more confidence in my writing but even more importantly, I feel like I’ve become a part of a community of supportive, smart and often entertaining men and woman. Thank you.

As a blog reader, I love reading comments to either find new blogs to follow, writers I hope to lure to the dark side for guest posts or just the interaction of the other readers.  I’ve particular enjoyed the banter that happens over at The Flying Chalupa or Pretty All True. Those comment strings are legendary.

So I hope that my Monday Lovin posts not only call attention to the words of the people I love but also encourage you all to get to know them too.

It brings me great joy to even have comments on these love of comment posts.  And yes, even self promoting comments and the best one came from my friend and PPD survivor Pamela:  Dude! For good lovin’ you need good propping devices, aka…PILLOWS. I wrote a review on the best pillows ever today! Also, my boobs haven’t been felt in a long time. Even by me. What’s wrong with this picture?” Of course a big Diary supporter also offered his services: “Funny  you provided booby feelings at your place. I do, too.  I offer free breast exams, pap smears and prostate exams.  Oh don’t let all those doctors tell you that women don’t have prostates…y’all do. Trust me! As for Christmas shopping…the day after Thanksgiving I convert to Jehovah Witness until Dec. 26th.”  Thanks John!

Tuesday I whined about my sex life or I should say lack of interest in having sex. Lets be clear, I’m very interested in sex.Let talk about it shall we? Just don’t ask me to get naked when I’m cold and tired, unless you’re going to rub me down from head to toe and back again..  Anyway, many of you had helpful recommendations. Jessica was on it and got her comment in first and I literally fell out of my chair laughing. She said one, effective, powerful word, “Lube.” Ha! Love her!  Again the always entertaining John recommended “I have an idea that could work for both of you (warmth and kinky).  How about a crotchless  Eskimo outfit.  I hear Caribou can be soft and supple.” Then of course the resident EXPERT on sex during pregnancy, the prolific Jill VT:”The second trimester on, there is the wonderful thing called the Hitachi Magic Wand…”  And the most common message was “don’t say no.” I’ll give it some thought.

Thursday I was whiny again and wrote about my angst about my role as a mother. Talking about it with Adonis this morning we both acknowledged that while we’ve been able to hold on to some of our pre-parenthood lifestyle with the super easy Maddy, that will all come to an end when we add another little person in a few months. Good thing pregnancy is 9 months, I’m going to need all the time I can get to make the adjustment. And maybe a newborn won’t notice what a whack job his/her mommy is. Anyway, you all were very supportive and I’m eternally grateful. Nichole‘s comment made me cry.  She is a mother I admire and aspire to be (well other than being the germ phobe.) “You are beautiful and you are perfect … exactly the way you are.Your daughter is blessed to have you for her mother.  She will learn to be strong, independent, young at heart, silly, and spontaneous … all from you. Being an amazing mother doesn’t mean that you have to give up who you are or the way you see the world. Don’t change.” Of course, as my writing is wont to do, I got a couple of funny comments too “If mommy pants are anything like mom jeans, be glad you’re not wearing ‘em.” Thanks Mandy, and yes, I’d hope my mini skirt wearing proves my distaste for mom jeans!  Then there is my lover, MommaKiss “You can have both. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you can be fun and hip and wear hot as hell boots and still be a mom. If you can’t, I’m doin’ it wrong. But it’s not the first time I’ve realized that.”

Finally Friday I resisted the urge to write about my first sex partner…thats a sexy time post of its own. The prompt from the Red Dress club was to write about your first love. My first non sexual love (besides that of exercise, eggnog and pizza, in that order, thank you) was for the city of San Francisco. I hope my words expressed my deep felt feelings for that gorgeous city. I pray that my life allows me to stay within easy driving distance from her.

Apparently my delivery did fool some of you and of course my favorite response was from my lover again “Aw, christ, I thought you were talking about ME! ” There was this mystery about her, the unknown, the rumor of her beauty, but her magnetism was legendary. ” I AM a mother fuckin’ legend.” Yes, Momma, you are. And a heads up to those who write posts from prompts, you all know how heady it is to get a compliment from the prompter. So yeah, I’m replay it here:” I do so love you, my friend. I love that you made this prompt your own and gave us something unique.” Thanks Nichole!  And thank you Sherri, “Love it! Nice twist on a prompt….wasn’t sure where it was heading, then Wham! The bridge.” I feel the same, every time I come around the curve of the freeway and see my city, “Wham!”

Do you have a favorite blog that you read because you know the comments are gold? Do you have a blogger you found from their funny, thoughtful or inspiring comment?
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12 comments to Monday Luvin 12_13

  • mommakiss

    Just poppin in to receive the love,
    The Legend.


  • Jax

    I have found many other blogs through witty comments including yours. I love searching through comments to find new bloggers to follow. I love your blog and I have only been following for a little while!! Hope you continue to blog amazing, hysterical, witty posts!!


  • tulpen

    I hate that James Taylor Christmas CD. BLECH!!

    Actually, I don’t really like him at all. He looks like a dick head.


  • Coffeypot

    You are one of my required daily reads because of all the mushy shit you hear from your comment peeps. You are just a good writer and you make me laugh. Speaking of a laugh, I posted some videos that you might like to share with Maddy (I’m shamelessly pimping myself.)


  • Jill VT

    Don’t worry about number 2…newborns are super forgiving. And I still managed to have a pretty swingin’ life with two. It was with three that things fell apart.

    My favorite comment ever from a lovely Nigerian woman: “I’ve never heard of a white woman who had five kids!” LOVE IT.


  • Pamela

    WOO HOO!!! I love the comment you picked from me… Too awesome! I need to start doing this.

    Love ya biznitch…xxooxxoo


  • Fortune's Fool

    You are GREAT! And I found you that way. I think it was fate cause you are effin hilarious.


  • Amber @

    I love all of the blogs I read, and yours is one of my all time favorites!


  • Jessica

    I love you, too! One of my favorite blogs (and comments that follow) is Cooking for Assholes. Read his back posts; bloody brilliant.


  • By Word of Mouth

    Can’t tell you how I found your blog, since some days you flit from screen to screen and never recall how you arrived at your destination … but here I am. Thrilled to have found you, but a little sad that i didn’t come across some of you NOrthern Cali girls before I did my Sonoma trip last month :( FL does not seem to be abounding with bloggers, guess they are all lying on the beach somewhere or huddled in Dr’s rooms getting botox!
    Happy to be here – so HI!


  • Poppy

    I felt like a foster child who had found a permanent home when I stumbled across this blog. Nudity, sex, and prostitution. Yep, I knew I was home.


  • kris

    Late to the party but thrilled to have been invited!

    Thanks, lovely you!

    Thank very much for the mention.


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