Sexy Time where I give someone a hand.

Hello there.

It’s that time again, sexy time w/ ME! OMG! I’ve been wanting to write this post for 6 weeks 2 days and about 7 hours. It’s sort of embarrassing but I just HAD to talk about this.

I have something to confess. Up until that fateful night over 6 weeks ago, I had NEVER successfully given a man a hand job! You can pick your jaws up now. Before you make excuses for me, Adonis was not my high school sweetheart. We met well after I had had a few satisfying and long relationships, a few less than exciting three-ways and more than I care to remember very short affairs. I got around folks. It’s just what it is.

SOOO back to that bomb I just dropped. Never. Given quite a few fulfilling hummers, just to keep the record straight but never the manual love. Well, not to a man, that is.

Now let me tell you another little factoid, which may explain my excitement over this recent success. Shhh, do you hear Adonis creeping around here? He’s going to kill me when he reads this! Okay whew. He’s a quiet guy in the sac. Yeah, he’s a pretty quiet, subdued dude all the time (unless his team is getting screwed by the guy in blue and/or black and white striped shirt). He also doesn’t like me to talk. Yes, I have a fat mouth and tend to ruin the moment being a smartass. So over the years, besides the moaning and groaning (FROM ME!) and a few resounding smacks (we’re fun like that) you don’t hear much from the bedroom.

Sex with Mr.Subdued is usually a study in contrast: me writhing and moaning, him calm and restrained.

Have I painted a clear picture?

So before we were given the go ahead by my OB to go back to “normal” bedroom activities (wow, did he even KNOW what he was suggesting?), I took pity on my guy and thought I’d see if I could alleviate some stress.  My intention was a good ol’ bit of whackah whackah (Yes, that link is semi-safe for work and won’t infest your computer with ads for horny singles.) But you know how it goes when you’re tired. I just wasn’t up for the up and down action. So I reached over and gave him some love by hand. And the most amazing thing happened.

Mr.Subdued lost it!

Well, that’s a little strong, but the guy came unglued. His breathing became ragged and hips began to pump along with my pumping.

The whole episode didn’t last but a few moments but in those short minutes, I gained something.

I suddenly had the power!  No, not the power to say no, the power to ignore his advances, feigning a headache. No, I had the power to make this stalwart, steadfast man into a quivering mass of jello.  And it was AMAZING.

This power opened my eyes to the power I could hold while either performing or being the subject of some other, um activities.  My mind has been racing. Maybe I could reconsider some of the Dom/Sub role playing. Maybe I could consider some of Adonis’ other fantasies, now that I have the power to make him LOSE it!

So what about you? Do you have the power? Do ya wanna talk about it? Come on, let’s chat, shall we?

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19 comments to Sexy Time where I give someone a hand.

  • Kimberly

    Oh Mah…you are making me blush! It’s a wonderful feeling to have that power eh?!


  • Cold As Heaven

    Lucky dude. Seams like you’re doing a good job. And, yes, I have the power too >;)


  • Redshoes51

    It’s amazing where that power seems to come from… no? ;o)
    Three-ways?? OhMyGod!!! Have you blogged about those!?!?!?;o)

    The sexy side of shoes got way-laid during the end of my marriage and subsequent relationships. Either that, or I tended to be drawn to the prudes… I like talking, noise, etc. during sex.. ;o)

    Just sayin’… :o D



  • Symdaddy

    Erm … was wond’rin’ … you busy on Saturday night?

    I’m double-hander though. Can ya cope with that?


  • you know who i am

    just read something yesterday about using the vulcan salute. i’ve never tried that, but i can see how it might work.


    mommakiss Reply:

    I don’t know who this is and yet I’m getting curious…


  • magnolia

    haha – oh, yes, the power. that’s something i know WELL. the man tells me regularly, both in flagrante delicto and while clothed, that i own him when i go down on him. don’t think i don’t use that to my advantage from time to time. :)


  • Pop

    “I had NEVER successfully given a man a hand job!”

    Am I reading this correctly? So you tried to give them but were never successful? If so, how can that happen? My guess is, you wore an oyster glove on your hand or you have really rough hands.


  • John

    I can honestly say that I’ve never successfully received a handjob. I’ve been on the receiving end of one a few times in my life – but it always ends with me either “finishing the job” myself or things moving way past “that base.”

    Since I’m hardly “quiet” or “subdued” in the sack (don’t feign shock), I have to wonder, though, if there’s some magic switch that I have that would turn me wilder, like you found for Adonis. I guess experimentation is really the only way to find out . . .


  • Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    Wow…I’m at a lost here. *Slowly backing away from the blog with head held down very red faced*


  • Coffeypot

    I have to admit that I have never given a hand job, before. To another man that is. But to myself…lordy honey, if my hand was made of sandpaper I would have to squat to pee. And a hand job does give one power. Why you should see (and experience) some of my sexual prowess when my eyes are closed and my hand is going up and down like a jackhammer. I even amaze myself. Damn…excuse me, I gotta go amaze myself for a few aaahhhhh! Whew! Good for you, too?


  • Sara

    Hand jobs are the worst! Talk about a tired arm….

    I’d rather just use my mouth, you know?

    That sounded really dirty. But this IS called Sexy Time for a reason, yes?


  • BuenoBaby

    “Given quite a few fulfilling hummers, just to keep the record straight but never the manual love. Well, not to a man, that is.”

    Guess who found herself a new mommy blog?


  • gigi

    Wow. I haven’t been here in awhile. Apparently i’ve missed a lot. I’m way too sober to be reading this :)

    And I’m with pop. I think it must have been an issue of rough hands. but either way, glad you got over the hump!


  • mommakiss

    Mad woman, you’re driving me mad. I can’t wait to see if He read this!!

    Since my dentist told me – in writing – that I have a small mouth and intense gag reflex…the hand is my go to gal when I’m tired. Not to say I can’t give the blow jay, it’s just not enjoyable for me. At all. But I do that shit for the good of the man.

    p.s. my dentist did not mention the gag reflex. Nope. I figured that out on my own. Wanted to clarify.


  • Jodie Kash

    Chalk this up to hormones? I like your other. Sex shock blogging is easy and beneath you ;)


  • Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

    Oooooooooh!! I love Sexy Time. And you go girl. You got the power. Just don’t abuse it. Cuz it’s tempting like that.


  • tulpen

    I stopped reading after “Not to a man that is” You talking about getting manual with yourself or some lady lovin??

    I gotsta know.

    Me? Fucking right I can do it. I can even TALK dirty with my hands.


  • Truthful Mommy

    I just pissed myself laughing! You go with the power in your hands:)LOL


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