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Just hear those sleigh bells ringing

What, not ready to hang that holiday wreath?  Come on, tell me you’ve started Christmas/Hanukkah shopping. PSSST There are only 43 shopping days until Christmas.  Time to get your shit together. Wait, let me turn down carols I have blaring, I can’t hear you. What was that?  What’s all this about? I’ll tell ya. See,…

Wordless Wednesday: Rhymes with Buy Rubies!

Sexy Time brings another guest

OMG OMG OMG!  You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am to have today’s guest writing for me.  I have loved her from the moment I read about Penis Week and a reference to MY FAVORITE Frankie Goes to Hollywood song! Oh, and after you get to know

Monday lovin’

Come in, come in!  Due to a recent stomach bug (and the PG stuff) we’re well stocked on ciders and beer.  The kid has been super cute lately but then I’ve been a little sleep deprived so everything strikes me as funny or incredibly sad.  (Ho

Supper Time: Cumin Chicken and Coconut Rice

Hey folks, So you know I’ve been a little busy with the whole novel writing stuff.  Its fun, this living in the head of a woman born in 1929.  Today’s post has NOTHING to do with her (because I’m pretty sure this would give her indigestion!)

You can never go home -GUEST POST!

Hello my dear dear friends.  Having a LOVELY week, I hope? Life is treating me fine, nothing to complain about, well other than a cranky-I-don’t-get-this-novel-nano-crap Husband.  Can I see a showing of hands for those who think they’re marr

Sexy time, a different perspective

Hi ya hot stuffs. Have you been enjoying the guest posts?  Been missing MY voice on the matter?  Well I have a special treat for you:  ME! As many of you know, it’s been a hard year for my sex life.  Multiple IVF cycles and one misc

Monday Lurvers!

Howdy peeps! Who has a Halloween hangover? Anyone want to share their booty?  And by booty I don’t mean to suggest  I’m asking for shots of your trunk full of junk.  Unless you like that kinda thing and then why not? As you know, today ki

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