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Hola mi amigos y amigas.  Como esta?  How was your weekend? Mine: exhausting.  Swimming, shopping and the zoo with the kid.  Naps: zero.


Ever have tons of ideas floating around in your head but not have the energy or attention span to sit down and type them all out? That’s me.  Good thing I’ve already done some posts for this week but I’m going to have to put down the twitter, dish rag and chef’s hat and just type.

Of course, there isn’t a lot of typing to do for today. *Wait, there is a TON of work doing these, b/c OF COURSE I’m going to link back to your blogs.  That said,  I LOVE me some Monday love posts.  Recapping your love for all those of you who don’t come back for the comments….I get it. I don’t always read other blogger’s comments either.

This past Saturday I started a new “series” to highlight some of my favorite recipes.  I’ve got a few simple weeknight meals coming up soon that should be easy for those “non” chefs, ahem, TULPEN! “Didn’t read the recipe. I don’t really cook.”  No worries folks, that ol’ Tulpen isn’t gonna get me down!

Last Monday was of course another comment love day and you guys don’t disappoint. If Pamela of 2muchtestosterone said this “You keep me smiling, you crazy broad! then I’ve done my job…except I admitted to dreaming about a particular Funny or Snot blogger, and she came back with I’m still trying to recover for you dreaming me mean.  I swear my pregnant dreams were all sexual which is pretty ironic considering (in your words) there isn’t a bigger cock block than a kid. Just throwing in some twitter stuff, hope you don’t mind.

I was quite proud to host Miss Aly from Calling People Names on Tuesday.  She shared with us her current dating situation, disappointments and hopes.  Thank you girlfriend for telling your story here.

Elly Lou: Big fan of Aly.  Not a big fan of her problem.  It sucks balls, even.  Dating sucks balls.  Men suck balls.  Wait, I feel like I’ve lost focus again.  Every time I’m reminded how woefully imperfect my man can be, I just remember that Justin Timberlake is a manwhore and life is full of compromises.  If Jessica Biel has to make sacrifices, I suppose I do too.

The helpful Coffeypot: if you are still confused, give me a call…I’ll ruin you for other men. Though you may turn to women, I’ll make a change in your life.

Didactic Pirate: I’m glad you’re guesting here, Aly — more people need to be exposed to you.  Or expose themselves to you.  But not in a dirty way.  Ok maybe in a dirty way, but only if they get your permission first.

Momma Kiss: I’m curious. Does the old dude have old balls? Seriously. I must know. I fear for my future with my own old dude.

Boob tube Wednesday brought some good ones too:

Momma Kiss of course was the first and best of the day: BOOBIES!!!!!!!!  Ima motorboat those in my dreams.

Have I mentioned how much I love me some Coffeypot: Picture no One – YUM!!! Picture no Two – Your heavenly body showing the constellations in you own milky way galaxy.

Pop from GoPopGo had this to say: I must’ve missed this Buy Rubies series of yours, but did it start out with you responding to Spam whose subject read: Are you not satisfied with your size? b/c I’m pretty sure that’s not what they promised to enlarge.

Thursday brought another guest post and my bestest bloggy buddy stepped up to the plate and made us all a little tearful, maybe homesick and definitely put us in the holiday spirit.  Thursday also brought my comments to my blog than I’ve EVER had, so thank you Momma!  And thank you readers (and all the visiting MK readers too!)  Here are some highlights:

In case you weren’t sure about timing, Jenny at Modern Mamaz said : “43 days until Christmas… you act like we’re cuttin’ it close!  That leaves me with a whole 40 more days to start shopping…  I’m SO on top of things this year!”  Jenny is also due to pop before Santa’s visit so I’m sure her family will cut her some slack.

Bethany shared: I always say that there is no Christmas music allowed until after Thanksgiving dinner, but when it started snowing here last week, I caved.  How can you watch the flakes come down and not crank “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….” And now I can’t stop.

Sherri: Oh MommaKiss…you’re the best! You know one of my favorite things to do is the same…lights out, tree all lit up, a few candles lit and silence. It’s just magical, and your mind goes all sorts of places.

Liz: You are always so hardcore; it’s nice to see the ‘tender’ side of MommaKiss.

SurferWife: Meaning of MommaKiss:  You’re obsessed with Gene Simmons and want to do the Forbidden Lambada with his tongue? Also, I feel you on the nostalgia of Christmas.  I, too, talk to the dead.  Though it doesn’t take a holiday with spiked eggnog to get me rolling on a “I see dead people” tangent.

Val: know why the kiss. Because you love to make out duh!!

Kimberly: But I love just sitting there and remembering all Christmases past when my dysfunctional family would put all name calling, punches and hate aside to just be a real family because that’s what baby Jesus would have wanted.

John Batzer wrote his own frickin’ post as a comment.  You’ll have to go see it for yourself!

Poppy: You are totally weird, but not for that.  And I just loves you to pieces.  You are infectious, but not like herpes.  You are so damn likeable.

TruthfulMomma: Mommakiss is quite special.I don’t think you are weird. I do the same thing. I think it goes back to my childhood and not having a lot of money or stuff either, but there were always presents and loads of dreams. Dreams of all the stuff we wish Santa would /could/should bring…like fancy houses, new cars, new clothes, the cool shoes, and the newest toy that we knew in our hearts Santa didn;’t have enough money to buy.The tree was always decorated with tinsel and colored lights and what ever craft we 6 children had made @ school. It was meek but it was mighty. The love overflowed and that’s what Christmas reminds me of, time spent together with family.I’m putting my tree up this weekend..aren’t you jealous. SIlly husband trying to limit the Christmas love…Im also having some eggnog!Yummy!

Tulpen: The day after Thanksgiving, I don’t get dressed.  I drag ALL the decorations down from the attic and Christmas up the whole house.  I eat a lot.  I start drinking early.  It my second favorite day next to Christmas Eve…..responded by Momma Kiss with: Um, Miss Tulpen, you decorate naked? Is this what you’re saying to me???

Okay folks, thats a wrap.  There are ton more comments to ready but you’ll have to go back and check them out for yourself.  Have a wonderful week!

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