Sexy Time, Magnolia style

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to Magnolia.  She is a multi-talented, wonderfully voiced writer who I really enjoy.  Here is a little about her, in her own words:

girl-type person, not quite 30. lawyer. excessively educated. largely southern. hopeful cynic. devoted girlfriend, loyal daughter, tenacious friend. lover of cities, sports, and music. liberal. chaser of adventure. hater of capital letters. master of duality. writer of fictions.

I think you’re going to love her…and you may want to have a private room/and or cold shower close by after reading:

i came to him hungry, as if i hadn’t seen him in years, kissing him like he’d just come backfrom a foreign land. he seemed surprised by the intensity, but only for a moment. we fell backagainst his pillows, drinking from one another, losing ourselves in each other. he pawed at myclothes, stripping them off my body like the distractions they were. i returned the favor, findingskin under cotton, drawing my nails gently up his back as the shirt came off. he drew in breath,sharply, as he grazed my throat with his teeth.
he’s so good with his hands. he traced the curves of my hips, my thighs, appreciating everythinghe found. before i knew it, i went from sitting astride him, legs wrapped around his body, to flaton my back, to flat on my stomach. he held me close, kissing my back, my shoulders, my neck.his hands found their target, drawing my thighs apart, hitting his mark with ruthless efficiency.
that’s right. he worked quickly; this was not about romance. you’ll come for me. you always do,don’t you. it wasn’t a question. the savage delight in his breathless voice was almost enough toget what he wanted out of me, but his hands did the work so well. i was powerless under histouch, lost in the pleasure, wanting nothing more than for him to just. not. stop.
he rolled me over onto my side, pulling me close, taking my hand and drawing it onto himself.i’m not the only one who liked the show, apparently. i took him, stroked him, made sure he wasready for me. i whispered in his ear, you love every second of this, don’t you? you love whatyou do to me [as i pull him on top of me], because you know [kissing his neck and chest] how…eager… it makes me [drawing my nails across his back again] to return the favor.
he gasped as i redoubled my efforts, stroking, teasing, grabbing at him. he panted out a response:yes. yes. god, yes, of course i do.
i smiled. i thought you’d say that. i raised my hips, drawing him into me, feeling every inch ofhim. he cried out from the sensation, wrapping one arm around my waist and pulling me evencloser as he moved. he met my eyes, kissed me hard, drove his point home time and time again.i arched my back into him as he worked me over, loving me, locking eyes with me as his freehand stroked my cheek.
finally, when he just couldn’t stand any more, i pulled his face towards mine, kissed him deeper,and whispered one command: come for me. he was thrilled to oblige me, and as he finished, hebrushed his lips against mine, gently, surrendering to me completely. the words weren’t needed; his eyes, his kiss, his touch said it all.

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