Friday Flip Off – Getting this out of my system

Hi folks.  Do forgive the rant.  I need to get some stuff off my chest (and what a lovely chest it is, I know!)

Anyway, I’ve been resistant to write one of these lately because I needed some good old fashioned hippie Karma.  I needed to embrace all that was good and try to ignore the bad.

Yeah, I know, repressing stuff isn’t healthy.  I have a minor in psychology, I know this stuff.  (Ha!  Love pulling that oldie but goody out of the closet…I’ll stop talking to myself now.)

So here we go:

1. Sprint, WTF? Yeah, you’re great in the house, where I DON’T NEED YOU!.  You’re great at work, I DON’T ANSWER MY CELL THERE!  I leave my house and suddenly, nothing.  Dropped calls all the way here to the office or to the store.  Look I’m a safe driver, I’ve got my bluetooth thingy and I only use my speed dials while I’m driving.  But FLIP OFF!  I need that time during my commute to talk to my family that live in a time zone 2 hours later than mine.  I need to be able to take a call from  my running buddy on a weekend b/c we all know this ass ain’t getting smaller.

So you think you do something about that?  Or am I going to have to find a new lover?  SERIOUSLY!

2. Flip off you frickin lap top, with your hide and seek cursor.  Hint here: when you go into sleep mode, the cursor isn’t supposed to die!  You’d save yourself a lot of wear and tear if you would just FUCKING RESTORE the cursor!

3. Adonis, you gotta work on your communication skills.  Until you do, flip off! I mean it dude.  Lets save ourselves some grief and you use your words like a big boy.

(I know,  I shouldn’t tear him down like that but dammit, I don’t need the stress his not telling me about IMPORTANT APPOINTMENTS!)

4. Flip off you little peanut too!  Love ya, excited to meet you but do you mind?  I’d like to eat some guacamole, maybe a tortilla chip or two.  You know what else would be cool?  Not having to eat at 5 pm to avoid bed time heartburn.  So could you and the ol’ innards have a chat and work something out?

5.  Finally, I gotta get a little heavy here:  God, dear Father in heaven, I know I haven’t been your bestest follower, I haven’t held you close in a long time.  But I have to ask: You knew even before you conceived the idea of us, that there would be the damn snake and apple trick in the garden, small pox. pedophiles, lymphoma and babies with cleft palates born to single moms trying to make ends meet on a teacher’s salary….so what gives?  What were you thinking? Please tell me that there is a good greater than this misery.

Gotta anything to get off your chest?  Go on,  here’s your chance.  And then head over to MommaKiss‘ and check out what everyone else flipping off!

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15 comments to Friday Flip Off – Getting this out of my system

  • tulpen

    Love me a good rant.

    We had Sprint years ago. Was useless. Verizon baby. Go with Verizon. I have no complaints, and you know I wouldn’t hold back.


  • MommaKiss

    I question God. A lot. When my brother died? I almost hated him. But then, I had to change my thinking. Everything HAS to happen for a reason. God must have needed that kid in heaven more than we needed him here. If I didn’t think that way? I’d most likely still be angry. So the disease, etc…there has to be a reason behind it. Just not always easy to see right away.

    Deep thoughts over.

    My husband has been – um – how shall I say? Not very supportive of me lately. So. Um. Yah.


  • Symdaddy

    Ah child! What are you like?

    I grew up learning to take the rough with even rougher, so I can’t understand you need to have this Friday-thingy.

    But, just in case you really do need it, consider yourself hugged!


  • Ella

    I went from Verizon to Sprint almost 2 years ago..
    Still not sure how I feel about it.


  • Pop

    Ok, so I should know better than to say this to a preggo but
    “Adonis, you gotta work on your communication skills”
    And you’re communicating this with him via your blog? :-P

    I have AT&T and it drops calls like a bad habit. Hope you have a good weekend!


  • Redshoes51

    Sometimes, I think we burden God with too much stuff that is in our own realm of responsibilities… you know?

    :o D



  • magnolia

    i’m an atheist; can’t help you on the whole god thing. i was never really a believer, but as i’ve gotten older, i’ve really embraced the whole lack-of-deity thing. honestly, it’s made coping with the realities of life easier, in a perverse sort of way…


  • Coffeypot

    If I made a list of everything that pisses my grumpy ass off it would have to be done in volumes. Not a post comment.

    It’s easier to list all the things I enjoy…uh…well…um…I like…um…my grandkids, yeah, that’s it, my grandkids. And blogging. I like blogging. And reading. Reading is good – especially if there are pictures in the book. And you. I like you…and your cute breast and yummy ass.


  • you know who i am

    what tulpen said. verizon.


  • Kimberly

    I am angry at the man above for many reasons. People tell me there is a reason but really? Back problems, postpartum depression…hmmm. I don’t know. Know what I say? Facken things happen because I have bad luck. *Passing you some non alcoholic wine a.k.a apple juice


  • alisha

    you had me at cleft palate babies. i am flipping off for ya, today.


  • AmyBlam

    Ugh. Being pregnant made me HATE food. I was fine the first three months and sick the rest. Yet I still gained 50 lbs. That I haven’t lost. And my baby is 9.


  • Lifebeginsat30ty

    Rant away my friend! I would like to rant that the only place my mobile does not work is my flat. What gives?! But everywhere else for you? That sucks.

    Have yourself 2 vinos and a chocolate and call me in the morning ;)


  • John

    I’m convinced that all wireless companies are satanspawn put on this earth to fuck with me. I think I’ve had two calls in the past month that I’ve been able to speak to completion without getting dropped (I especially love the “I can hear you, but you obviously can’t hear me”)

    Those food issues with pregnancy? Reason #17362 that I’m happy to have a penis. I can’t imagine a week without guacamole. So, for that, hugs. It’ll all be worth it when the peanut becomes a person (says the daddy who has to listen to a girl screaming at the top of her lungs because if I move one iota, the boy screams even louder)


  • Kim

    heartburn -grrr. I used to keep Maalox by the bed and gulp it all night long. Tasty. Cell phone service? ugh. I get great reception. My husband? NEVER. Not even when we are in the same place at the same time. Explain, please. As for God . . . He has a plan. I truly believe it. I can’t *see* the damn plan, but I know it’s there. Have faith! :) And some Maalox.


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