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With all due respect….

I had no idea you had gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed! Oh, wait, that wasn’t the tone I meant to take.  Sorry, Ricky Bobby might be poking around here today. Hi, come on in.  The laundry is done, but I don’t think the beer is cold.  Could someone put some in the…

God talk, look out for lightning! B2SB2B homework

Hi, thanks for coming by. I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and just wasn’t sure how to introduce it.  You know I’m a irreverent bitch and so talking about issues of faith seems a little out of character.  And to be h

Friday Flip off

Why hello my pretties.  Whatcha think of the place?  Yeah, some things are still out of place, not crazy about some of that stuff over on the right side and got some pages to put together and will offer sexual favors and my password to anyo

Thursday 13, I love you Gamma!

Forgive the mess around here.  I’m playing with some themes, working the place over.  Happy to have input, happy to have you tell me I’m frickin mess and happy to have you take over and put me back together again…. You know this pesky Back

Widget Wednesday?

hey readers…those of you NOT doing Kludgy Mom’s b2sb2b challenge…got a widget you love?  One that you’ve just discovered?  One that you have questions about and needs someone to research?Comment and include your email address or email m

Flashback time

I’m a little all over the place, probably spreading myself a little thin. Anyway, the SITS girls are putting on another workshop of sorts and today’s assignment is to repost your first post. That could be pretty scary for some of you, huh?  

Why are you here again?

No, no, come on in.  Don’t mind the loads of laundry.  They’re clean, I think.I always struggle a little with my identity.  Mostly the person I present here in me, in full force and maybe a little exaggerated.  Come on, who doesn’

Its Saturday, so what?

Hola mi amigos.   Buenos Dias, como esta?Order a beer, ask the time and where the bathroom is and I’ve exhausted my Spanish.  Thought you’d want to know.So I’ve signed up to KludgyMom’s back to school back to blogging event.  Yeah, yea

Fine Man Friday: hot hot hot

Hello there. Who needs to see some fine man flesh?  Well you’ve come to the right place.It’s Friday and I’m just ready to call it quits for the week, so I’m just gonna serve ‘em right up. If yo

Thursday 13, Autumn awesomeness, mailing it in.

Nothing new here peeps. Seriously…the title was a give away. You guys could write this in your sleep….but I’m doing it so you don’t have to.  And I’m calling “I’m on estrogen, I can mail it in as long as I’m taking shots in the ass….I

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