With all due respect….

I had no idea you had gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed!

Oh, wait, that wasn’t the tone I meant to take.  Sorry, Ricky Bobby might be poking around here today.

Hi, come on in.  The laundry is done, but I don’t think the beer is cold.  Could someone put some in the fridge?

How was your weekend?   Notice what I’ve been up to?  Yeah, been a busy little bitch around here.

Anyway, everyone knows Mondays SUCKS huge donkey balls and I thought I’d try giving the week a fair shake by starting off with a sense of gratitude.

Watcha think?  Oh I know there is already a thankful Thursday meme, this aint that AND I don’t promise to feel this pleasant every Monday.

Just spit it out, right?

So my dear friends, I want to shout out to a bunch of gals that have helped me out recently.  Please go see them, tell them I said hello and you know, show ‘em some love!

First, a HUGE thank you to Ashley at http://justanothermomof2.com/ She helped me migrate to WordPress.  Okay, no, lets set the record straight, she moved my technophobe sorry freeloading ass!  Hell, I didn’t even load the moving truck.  She moved everything, made it all pretty, fixed some size issues (everyone NEEDS an Ashley just for that, huh?) put up the pictures and even made the beds.

You know what is super crazy?  She wouldn’t accept offers of chocolate, baked goods or sexual favors!  Maybe she’s the MAD one?

Second up is my new gal pal who is holding my hand through some finessing, some long term goals and just maybe a new playmate (one of these days, crossing fingers, holding breath!)  She’s  Morgan at http://thelittlehenhouse.wordpress.com/ I LOVE her blog, the confidence she exudes and darn it, she’s a sassy mouth bitch like me.

I’m still trying to get past the fact she has lust in her heart for minivans.  But hell, I like cats.  We can’t all be perfect.

I also want to send a shout out to a real darling, Tehlia at http://rawadventuresarmywife.blogspot.com/ First, she is just sweet and positive and HUGELY talented.  Please go see her and then check out her etsy shop.  I bought a GORGEOUS cowl scarf from her that is the softest thing I’ve had wrapped around my neck since my daughter hugged me last.  Yeah, she’s THAT good…did I mention its gorgeous?!?!?   Then there are these cutest scrubbies for washing my face.  Sure sounds silly but I LOVE them.  Just rough enough to exfoliate and not irritate.  Tehlia, you can use that.  You’re welcome.

Thank you gals and thank you little baby Jesus.

So ya’all need to go give my gals some love or I’ll paint your back porch red.  Ya hear?

16 comments to With all due respect….

  • Pamela

    I’m jealous…. I want to take the plunge. I’m set up over at WP and everything, I’m just too chicken shit to actually follow through. Your place looks fantastic. It’s so clean lined and sexy!!

    • Girlfriend, seriously, if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it. The move was painful until Ashley swooped in and helped me. But there are a lot of blogger things I miss being able to do almost in my sleep. WP is going to kick my ass for a while but its showing promise.

      AND I’m learning a little about writing code! Holy shit that is scary. I know just enough to be dangerous.

  • MommaKiss

    Heeeeeey! Lookie here! You’ve been busy! You know I love when you share the MK links – so I’ll def check out your helpers. Soon. Promise.

  • Losing Brownies

    I love your links for rss/twitter/facebook! The journals are cute!

  • Morgan B.

    Everything is looking great! I just did a little 11 point inspection and I think everything is working even better than before. I need to put copyright info on my page too. See, now I’m going to have to start asking you for help.

    I think there is a way to get the wording off your RSS icon. Mine was like that until I changed the code. I’ll send it to you later.

    I’m so happy that you made The Big Move. It was SO worth it!

    Thanks for the shout out. :)

  • Morgan B.

    And, I just ordered the olive green necklace from The Army Wife. Love her stuff!

  • Jessica

    Looking good over here!

  • Tehlia

    A Huge Enthusiastic THANK YOU!!! For the mention, the kind words and for the TWO scarves that have gone flying out the window today. Just Lovely. XOXO

    And I have to say I am thrilled to stop by another blog that changes its look as often as I change mine. It All looks amazing, so jealous you have WP all set up. I am on there too but feel like Blogger has turned me soft and I really can’t learn new tricks right now. Stealing your button.

    • You are more than welcome, Tehlia. I really love my scarf and am kicking myself for not getting one sooner! And I’m with you, I was just getting to where I felt I had really honed my skills with Blogger. I feel out of my league here but its just another skill to learn. Oh, and I’ll send you a new button b/c yeah, thats getting a facelift too.

  • Symdaddy

    I have notice the re-decoration … very nice indeed! I feel the need to say more, but I think the “ladies” have said it all.

    I haven’t dared to comment until now as so far it seems to have been an all girlie affair and I didn’t want to spoil the party (or get a slap).

    Actually I only came by today for the left-over pizza and a coke, but it seems that one of the women-folk beat me to it.

    Oh, nice underwear! I checked out your laundry! Didn’t take much though.

  • Ashley @ Just Another Mom of 2

    Oh, you are too funny!! I’m so glad you are enjoying WordPress. I promise, within a month or so, you will be able to do most things in your sleep. And, if you get lost, you know where to find me!

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