Day 18 Mom had a change of heart

I’ve had several drafts moaning and groaning and full of angst of the pending gestation and arrival of my second child.  Getting here has been rough and it hasn’t just been about the process.

My first born is fast approaching her second birthday and she’s been working on her tantrum and whining skills.  She also just learned to say No and says it quite adamantly.  One can imagine how difficult it would be for a selfish woman as myself to face going through this again.

Well despite her efforts to prove otherwise the Mad is quite the cute little kid.  She shares her food with her baby.  She names all of the animals or persons in her books as either Mommy, Daddy or Baby.  She blows kisses to our waitress at our favorite restaurant and laughs with a wild abandon.  (Makes me happy just to hear her.)

Another word she’s learned recently is mine.  And EVERYTHING is MINE!  Being the spoiled child of TV addicts, she’s learned to graze off our plates.  Well now whatever is on those plates are not that of the holder, but HERS!    Her daddy and I do our best to correct any aggressive behavior, while biting back smiles and giggles.

This evening, while I sat on my blogging thrown, Mad swam in her bubble bath.  Bubbles is another one her words, bubble and POP.  She enjoyed painting herself a beard with her bubbles and blowing them across the tub.  As she wrapped up her entertaining little swim, she pulled the plug and stood up.  Not that unusual for her to stand up.  We usually have to correct her to not to stand in the tub but she’s gotten more sure footed and of course I was right there.

Yes, I was right there as my daughter stood up and peed.  In the tub.  And then she did it again.  I of course laughed and told her not to and rinsed off her legs.  And then she peed again.  Laughed at herself and rinsed off her own legs.

Of course she wasn’t done.  The peeing got quite the response from Mom so of course, tooting would really take it up a notch.  And so she did, twice.

That was it.  I grabbed up a towel, wrapped her up and rushed into her room to get a diaper on her as quickly as possible.  And she happily kept trying, face turning red, pushing pushing pushing.

I’m sure I’ve said she’s trouble.

Damn cute, but trouble.

Maybe I CAN do this again.

One Response to Day 18 Mom had a change of heart
  1. Blissed-Out Grandma
    April 19, 2010 | 12:20 am

    Haha, she is very cute in every way. Oh yeah, you can do it again…and the next one will come up with a whole different set of cute things to pull on you!

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