Sexy time series brought to you by….

Come on in, the water is just fine! What?  Water? Well come on now.  I can’t host a sex series without a rockin’ hot tub now can I?    It’s really just an excuse to get a cabana boy without the huge water bill. After last week’s post . . . → Read More: Sexy time series brought to you by….

Sexy hits a dry spell

What?  Hold the presses! Okay, seriously, I bailed on you all.   Come on, Chuck, House AND Lie to Me, all on ONE NIGHT?!?!?!?    Seriously!  I mean, I love you, with all my girly bits and sweet spots and this odd thing I think you all call . . . → Read More: Sexy hits a dry spell

Sexy time continues

Hello my friends.  Welcome welcome welcome. Lets get down to it, shall we? Many of you last week said, “It’s not about what I wear, its about attitude.”  I agree 100%. I think what I failed to express was the question some of us have, . . . → Read More: Sexy time continues

Sexy time, a series?

Amazing what happens when you put SEX in the blog title.   Come on in, I won’t bite.  Well, not until I know you better. Last week I replayed an old post where I talked about my sucky sex life and how I would ‘fake it till I make it.” . . . → Read More: Sexy time, a series?

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