And then the loneliness sets in.

First of all, I’m sorry to disappoint, no booby shots today. Sure, right, I need to to laundry, yeah, that’s it. Nothing frilly to drape across these amazing fun jugs I’ve been sporting. RIGHT! So the 30 Days of Truth continues. Today’s . . . → Read More: And then the loneliness sets in.

The meet up

Yo, whaddup? How’s my homies? Yes, I’m feeling a little silly this morning. Two loads of laundry done and some inappropriate tweets under my belt and I’m unstoppable. That or this coffee is really strong. Let’s get this little business out . . . → Read More: The meet up

A must do.

Not a musty do (thanks, keep your moldy wigs to yourself) and not a Mountain Dew. You can keep that piss water to yourself, you caffeine freaks. And before I go too far, I want to put the call out for guest posts. Yes, for the sexy time . . . → Read More: A must do.

And now I absolve….

Crap on a stick folks! These 30 days of Truth is going to be the death of me…or maybe just my funny bone. BTW, Naomi…I owe a post about meeting you!  Forgive me? Today’s little bit of truth is to tell about someone I need to . . . → Read More: And now I absolve….

Mercy me!

Oh no. I’m not going to like this one. (Yes, the 30 days of Truth continues.) Day three: something you have to forgive yourself for. That’s a hard one.  (That’s what she said!…thank you Michael Scott!) See the thing with me is that . . . → Read More: Mercy me!

I touch myself

Or would you prefer Cyndi’s She Bop? Have any idea what I’m talking about? Yesterday I mentioned I was participating in 30 Days of Truth.  And guess what today is all about? Yup, something I love about myself. You’d think someone so full . . . → Read More: I touch myself

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