A must do.

Not a musty do (thanks, keep your moldy wigs to yourself) and not a Mountain Dew. You can keep that piss water to yourself, you caffeine freaks.

And before I go too far, I want to put the call out for guest posts. Yes, for the sexy time series. Think “before kids or before husband” …maybe something you can write on your own blog or want to post anonymously. Depending on the popularity, it could be an on going feature. Drop me a line if you’re interested madsbloggingmom at gmail dot com

Okay…back to this 30 days of truth thing….something you hope to do in your life. HMPH.

It’s Saturday night. I had a great afternoon in Napa with some really great bloggers.  And I’m barely able to keep my eyes open so I’m mailing this one in.  In July, I wrote about my bucket list.  Here is the TOP 13 of that list.

Sorry for the recycling folks.  We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled programming after the tired mama gets some sleep.

Oh, before you go…what’s your thing to do?

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