I touch myself

Or would you prefer Cyndi’s She Bop?

Have any idea what I’m talking about? Yesterday I mentioned I was participating in 30 Days of Truth.  And guess what today is all about? Yup, something I love about myself.

You’d think someone so full of herself as MOI would have no trouble filling up this post with words of adoration, admiration and adulation (don’t you just love alliteration?) Well guess what folks, I put on a good show but really had a hard time picking out something that filled the bill.  Come on, LOVE people. Its a big frickin 4 letter word.

But playing with my daughter, singing along with her new karaoke machine, it came to me. I love my playfulness.

I’ve written before about having a degree in Recreational Therapy. It’s all about finding and embracing fun and enjoyment in your daily life. For the most part (when not battling the winter blues, fertility hormones and general self doubt) I’m pretty good at it.

MommaKiss can back me up on this one. When we met, I was the giddiest, jumping for joy, big kid you’d ever seen. I joked about bouncing the baby right out of my hooha.

I still love Sesame Street.

I know every hand jive song the Girl Scouts of America EVER sang at their camps.

I’d rather go to the zoo, swing or play marco polo than read a good book, watch a movie or yes, even write a blog post.

I once owned a book “Facing 30″ that I only gave away in the past 6 months and folks, I can feel 40 breathing down my neck.

Does it get me into hot water? Yes. Does it make it difficult for people to take me seriously? You betcha.  Would I change for anything in the world? Um free botox and a boob job, MAYBE.

I’m trying not to peek ahead to the next day of truth post…I pray this doesn’t lead to something more heavy than my 14 year old boy brain can handle.

So, what do you love about yourself? No points for the size of ….don’t make me say it.

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15 comments to I touch myself

  • Jackie

    That is a great thing!! You have to be the funnest mom around! Well… your daughter may not be saying it later in life but… eh who cares!

    Being so outgoing is one of the things that I wish I were! I’m always so worried about what others are going to think that I lean more on the conservative side!

    Great job! And not sarcastic at all!


  • Didactic Pirate

    I dig this. I too love the fact my 9-year-old daughter and I can play around and have fun. Of course, that’s because we share the same emotional maturity level.


  • magnolia

    playing is the key to life. one hell of a quality.


  • Cheryl @ Mommypants

    See, now, I just touch myself.



  • Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli

    I would have a hard time thinking of something too. It’s no easy task. Playfulness rocks. I could play more.


  • Jax

    I always embrace the child inside of me that is just waiting to be released but this is not the thing I love most about myself… I am also doing the 30 days so you will have to come visit my blog to figure this out :D


  • Coffeypot

    Whad do I like about me??? I love the fact that I don’t have to be married to me. And as for your degree, I could use some recrational therapy. Hell, I could use just holding someone’s hand.


  • Redshoes51

    Way too many people believe that growing up means that you still can’t act silly… Of course, this comes from a grown man who wears Red high top Converse Chuck Taylors to work… :o D



  • Mindy

    I’m telling you, we were separated at birth! I get in trouble ALL the time for being too “childish”….I laugh at inappropriate moments and I’d rather be in the swimming pool playing games than almost anywhere on earth. My husband thinks that most of my jokes are ‘lame’, but I don’t care. Today it was too cold to play outside, so I built a fort for me and my son and we ate a “picnic” on the oriental rug….


  • Rusty Hoe

    I used to tuck my boys in with a kiss, a hug, and a fart. Does that count as playful? Now they are 16 and nearly 13 I am just an embarrassment, but back when they were little they thought I was the coolest mum ever.


  • Jill VT

    Gawsh, I’d love to have you over for a margarita (you know, after you’ve gestated. Or at least made it to the third trimester.) I really need to work on my playfulness – right now the days are a long litany of diapers and chores…


  • MommaKiss

    “I joked about bouncing the baby right out of my hooha.”
    She did, it’s true.

    Also, we bumped fannies, so, there’s that.


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  • SJM

    I don’t know whether to keep laughing or thank you. I myself feel like a kid inside a bigger kid’s body (I’m all of 5’2″). Thanks for reminding us to lighten up, and get that stick outta you know where!


  • Jill

    Go you! Playfulness is often so overlooked. I know I tend to at times.


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