The meet up

Yo, whaddup? How’s my homies?

Yes, I’m feeling a little silly this morning. Two loads of laundry done and some inappropriate tweets under my belt and I’m unstoppable. That or this coffee is really strong.

Let’s get this little business out of the way. 30 Days of Truth, Day 6: something you hope you never have to do. Bury one of my children. I don’t think that one needs further explanation, do you?

What I really want to chat about is meeting online friends in real life.

Before blogging and Twitter, my only experience with meeting people from the cyberworld was through Craig’s List personal ads. Yes, personal ads. Oh yes, more posts on THAT topic will come. And yes, I do that ALL THE TIME…drop in little juicy tidbits that really aren’t necessary to the story.  ANYWHOSIT! What I learned from that time was the term “false advertising.” People, okay, MEN would post pics from their skinnier and/or younger days. They write tales of their great sense of humor, their athletic prowess and their charm. Come time for the meet up and I would find myself sitting across from a tired old bore. It may have happened more than once and yes, I may have been a sucker.

Oh, I’ll be fair. I post pics of myself that shine the kindest light on my countenance. (No I didn’t have to use the thesaurus for that word!) Pics would usually include me laughing or from a race I’d ran and my legs looked amazing. I do laugh people. And most of the time my gams look pretty good. I wasn’t the woman that would post only pics of luscious lips or with my hair across my face or just my cleavage. (Well, because mine wasn’t remarkable then.)

What’s my point? We do the same thing today. Our blogs usually paint a pretty picture of our personality or we tell a tale that wins your hearts through our pain or experiences.  I’m guilty of this, I know. My husband would tell you that I’m not all sassy happy all the time. I don’t wear my stilettos outside the bedroom or paint my nails regularly. But I do engage in completely inappropriate conversations.  Fun example: my boss and I joked about butt plugs the other day and how to produce an orgasm with unusual body parts.  (Seriously people, belly buttons!)

Well I’m hear to tell you that some cyber personalities are EXACTLY the same IRL or even better!

This summer I had the chance to meet my blogsbian lover MommaKiss.  Of course I stuck my foot in my mouth and said something stupid right off the bat, as I am wont to do. No I’m not going to tell you what it was. But seriously folks, she was a vision. I felt like we weren’t two strangers meeting but drinking  buddies finally seeing each other sober. Though to see us, I don’t think you would have thought of us as sober. A couple a crazy bouncing silly girls, giddy and giggling. To consummate the relationship, we bumped bums.  Who knows where things may have led had me had more than 20 minutes to visit with each other! *DON’T WORRY, its a MK/MW thing. Don’t expect me to drop my drawers and rub my rump against yours if we’re to meet. But I will probably say something about your boobs!

Over Christmas another opportunity arose. This time I was fortunate enough to meet the talented Naomi of Organic Motherhood with CoolWhip I’m sort of the fools rush in type. Happy to run off to meet anyone. Surprisingly, Naomi was just as interested in meeting me (how could she not, right?) Our husbands thought we might be meeting mass murderers, rapist or scam artists but you know, HUSBANDS!  Anyway, Naomi and I hadn’t really established the relationship that MK and I had. A few twitter exchanges, some blog commenting back and forth but little more. But if you had seen us at brunch that day, you would be none the wiser. I felt like I was hanging with an old friend, not having to explain my humor or antics. She encouraged me to write as me and to tell the stories that I keep locked up. She sort of renewed my spirit.  I’d like to think Naomi felt as just as comfortable with me. Our time together was too short and I hugged her several times before we left.

It’s a wonderful experience to meet someone and have them be just what you expected or better. I’ve been that fortunate.

I also have more tales to tell….Napa in January was yesterday. And let me tell you, I had a blast. When I come down from THAT high and after naps, more laundry, dishes, a few dirty diapers, I’ll be able to tell you about it.

Have you met a cyberbuddy in real life?

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17 comments to The meet up

  • Coffeypot

    “…happened more than once and yes, I may have been a sucker.” – At least he enjoyed the meet-up (no pun intended.)

    I have been fortunate to have attended a couple of blogger meet-ups and had a ball with some very talented people. They just let me tag along like a groupie. Once I went to Indiana to retrieve a dog for Dr. Amber, and met up with an old blogger peep. We hit it off pretty well. Especially after she put the revolver back in her purse. But when I started to leave, she gave me a kiss that almost sucked the enamel off my teeth. Pretty good kiss, too. But I had the dog and I had rather get it back to Dr. Amber without it shitting in my truck than to dip my quill in her inkwell. So I was good – kinda. Much later we had a falling out and don’t follow each other anymore.

    I think it would be a hoot to meet up with you and a few of your friends – or even your husband. Maybe one day.


  • Natalie

    Damn it woman! You’re making us wait??!


  • Paige

    I am really starting to think we might actually be blood related… I have a whole tutorial (verbal only) on how to have sex with a knee! My husband was worried about me going to Napa in case it was a “trap”. So I explained, yes honey, various men have been posting for years (or one man with a lot of time) in hopes of luring me into a trap!

    BUT, I don’t always present myself in my best light on my blog. I often describe when I make an ass of myself or doing something crazy! I call them confessions, but it’s more like I get free therapy for writing to anyone who’s readin’!


  • mommakiss

    I’m gonna say that 99% of the people I’ve met in real life after ‘meeting them’ online were awesome. Of course, I wouldn’t just chance it with any old schmuck, natch. When I get the nerve up to meet someone, I’ve clearly talked with them thru e-mail, phone, text, etc. – and it’s so fun to meet. Just like with you silly girl. I’ll bump butts with you any time. Hope I can do it again soon.


  • magnolia

    i had the best time when i met a couple of online friends in real life. ‘course, we’d discussed all kinds of things on our blogs, so it’s like you said – we already had a pretty good basis for the friendship when we started.

    i think the nature of the blogging i do lets me be pretty blunt about my personal life. my blog-friends know more about my life than some of my real friends do. so when we meet, a lot of the walls people keep aren’t there. not a bad way to connect, eh?


  • Morgan B.

    I am dying with envy over the Napa trip! I cannot wait to hear all about it. Will you please, please, please bump buns with me in August?


  • Jill

    I have yet to meet a cyberbuddy. :( That’s all I have to say about that.


  • Cold As Heaven

    No, I’ve never met a cyber friend IRL (maybe I scare them off).

    I’m almost, but not exactly, the same IRL as in the blog world. That’s a main point actually, since I want to use my blog to say some of the things I can’t say IRL. You know, I have to pretend to be a politically correct and responsible family man >:D


  • tulpen

    I don’t know if I’d wanna meet anyone… or rather, I don’t know if I’d want anyone to meet ME. They are bound to be utterly disappointed.


  • Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    It’s cool that when you meet these people they are just what you imagined and you clicked. I haven’t met any of my blogging buddies as yet. Hopfully that will happen in the future but I did neet several folks from a message board I used to frequent back in the day and made some pretty great connections IRL.


  • Poppy

    I would gladly be the jelly in either of those sammiches!


  • Shell

    I’ve met quite a few at blog conferences, but I’m so jealous that you got to meet MommaKiss!


  • Cheryl @ Mommypants

    I saw your underwear. It was hot pink.

    But we did not butt bump.

    Should I be insulted?


  • Jenny DB

    I never have… but there are definitely blog friends i’d like to meet IRL, and others I think would be awkward.


  • liz

    So, two in the bag…who will be #3?


  • Alexandra

    Whaaa??? How is it that you women get to escape…er, I mean, go to these things?


  • Coolwhipmom

    Oh man!! I thought I was your blogspian…. *sulking* (JK!) It was so awesome meeting you and I only now regret that we didn’t bump butts or motorboat more. Heehee. You are one awesome lady and I hope we get the chance to hang out in person again soon. And next time, make sure you bring your special underwear. I’m counting on it. ;)


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