And now I absolve….

Crap on a stick folks!

These 30 days of Truth is going to be the death of me…or maybe just my funny bone.

BTW, Naomi…I owe a post about meeting you!  Forgive me?

Today’s little bit of truth is to tell about someone I need to forgive.   Another hard one, dammit.

See, I don’t like to hold grudges. If you hurt me enough then usually I walk away. Or minimize the damage by limiting your access to me.

Two of  my brothers were assholes to me for most of my adolescence. I held on to that ugly cancer of hate for years before letting it go realizing what I was missing excluding these now men from my life.

Another “friend” had the audacity to respond to my fertility struggles with “Maybe God didn’t mean for you to have children.”  Really?  Even my mom jumped on that bandwagon, “Well you know the church would excommunicate you for choosing to do THAT to your body.”

Yeah, not so close to those two….yeah, really.

I would be a fool to embrace someone who hurt me so deeply. These were painful moments, I remember them but they don’t hang over me like a shadow, waiting to be dispelled.

So I’m at a loss. مؤشرات للاستخدام فمن المستحسن لجميع المرضى الذين يعانون من مشاكل مع ضعف الانتصاب ، بغض النظر عن سبب هذا الأخير. ببساطة ، سياليس هو علاج ممتاز يزيد من الفاعلية. مناسبة لكل من المرضى الصغار والمرضى الأكبر سنا. إذا واجهت الحد الأدنى من المشاكل الجنسية على الأقل، فلا شك في أن سياليس سيساعدك. على الرغم من أن الدواء ليس له موانع خطيرة ، فمن المستحسن استشارة الطبيب قبل اتخاذ هذا إذا كنت تعاني من أمراض مزمنة أو تأخذ أدوية أخرى في نفس الوقت.

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9 comments to And now I absolve….

  • Jill

    I am the very same way! Hurt me, and it’s over. That’s my strength and my weakness.


  • L. Eleana

    Father Mad would be much easier than talking to a priest. I force myself to attend confession once a year. I try not to hold grudges, but I’m good for totally shutting people out of my life to give me the space I need and so I don’t kill them. Seriously, it’s for their safety, not mine.


  • RottenMom

    I’m an access limiter myself.

    Love your blog.


  • Coffeypot

    I always ask God to forgive those who piss me off or hurt me. Me, not so much. I enjoy daydreaming about ways to maul and mutilate them.


  • tulpen

    It took me years to speak to him again, and I don’t know if I have even forgiven him, as my brother has never properly acknowleged or apologized for the hurtful things he said to me while my son was mostly dead in the ICU. He thought he was being funny. He was very much the opposite.


  • Cold As Heaven

    Must admit I’m pretty boring in this respect. I usually find something I like in all people, and don’t hate anyone or anything … except getting up early in the morning >:D


  • magnolia

    someone i need to forgive. oof. i suppose i should say my ex-in-laws for being so passive aggressively awful to me all those years, but honestly, not ready for that.

    i guess i forgive the maid of honor in that wedding for all the crazy things she did to me over our “friendship.” she’s pretty mentally ill, so that could go a long way towards explaining it, but she was culpable enough. but i’m willing to forgive her. as long as i never have to talk to her again.


  • Morgan B.

    I love me some good old access limiting. I don’t really ever feel like I need to get something off my chest. If someone asks, I will tell them, but I rarely feel the need to to hash things out. Sometimes someone shows a side of themselves that is so ugly that there isn’t any coming back. You know what I mean?


  • Jackie

    What?!?! A “friend” actually said that to you? Why in the hell would someone say something so hurtful to another person.

    Holding a grudge or being mad at someone for a long time does nothing but hurt us in the end.


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