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Who knew?

Will the Real Mad Woman please stand up… just saying the words you all have been shouting. Where was i? Oh, right, who knew? I did, of course.  I’m speaking about an award that was presented this week.  How very apropos, I must say. My dear friend Paige at Slightly Off Balance has aptly discerned…

Sunday Sampler Platter

Oh, hi, you’re back! Of course you are…I keep pushing out these posts and you can’t get enough, can ya? Alright, alright. My Monday Lovin’ posts was the place where I would highlight YOUR responses to MY words. Yes, those are fun posts and I

Oh, you shouldn’t have.

Quick, come inside! The house is spotless, you HAVE to see it. And then sit on my hands so I can’t get anything out. And do you mind looking after the mail? It has a tendency to spread throughout the house. Its like it has feet! Oh, and if you did

The meet up

Yo, whaddup? How’s my homies? Yes, I’m feeling a little silly this morning. Two loads of laundry done and some inappropriate tweets under my belt and I’m unstoppable. That or this coffee is really strong. Let’s get this little business out of t

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