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Try Girl, Tri!

Dear Self, Since you’re going to attempt a triathlon in a very short 6 weeks, you might want to keep track of your workouts. You know, to make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself. Great idea! Hm, wonder how I might do that? Maybe a calendar? Nah, you’re totally bound by your calendar…

Its all in the attitude

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright I would love to tell you where I saw this quote but my head is swimming with all the posts I’ve crammed in the past

Six Word Sunday: Bliss

Baseball, Beer, Barbeque, Sleeping babies: Bliss   …

Hungry, a TRDC post.

The smell of the browning sausage made Mandy realize just how starved she was. As she reached for the bottled sauce, she smiled down at the sleeping Matthew. Such an easy baby, she thought, continuing her dinner preparations. She was fixing Ethan’

Thursday 13, BlogHer lessons

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone has already written their BlogHer recap posts and I’m late to the game. So bite me. This girl works, ya know. And then there’s the Dude. Yummy, yes. Sleeping through the night, not yet. Let’s not talk about the little hellc

Summer Lovin’

Can I see a show of hands for those of you sick of the BlogHer posts?  Could you stand one more? If not, then today’s post is for you! Actually, there isn’t really a post here at all because I’m playing over at Kludgy Mom’s house. She invite

Thank you, BlogHer edition

It’s Monday and that means its time to show some gratitude and start this week off on the right foot. As you know from that button on the right, I went to BlogHer in San Diego last week.  It was daunting and delightful, educational and entertai

Six Word Sunday: BlogHer11

Friends, fete, fun. Foolery, frivolity, FRIED. .  

WTF The Sexy time issue

Sexy sexy Tuesday came and went and I thought, WTF? What the H. E. double toothpicks is going on that I can’t provide my readers with some good ol wacka wacka wacka stories or tales of menage a TROUBLE or even a nifty manual tidbit. Maybe its t

Just do it!

Dealing out the deck, one card on top of another across my bed. One, two, three, flip. Nothing. One, two, three, flip. Nothing. Nothing. My life was full of nothing. I followed a boyfriend 335 miles from home for college where he pr

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