Too much Tuesday

In the past two years I’ve learned way too much about infertility.  Not so funny thing is that I’ve learned even more in the past month.

We’ve been trying to have a 2nd child since February.  Our delightful daughter was conceived by in vitro fertilization and it took several rounds to have her.  This year we had 5 embryos in cryostorage and we’ve since blown through them.

So we’ve done more testing recently and my vocabulary has been expanded to include the word hydrosalpinx.  (How often do you learn a(n) (english) word that ends with an “x”?)  So I have this fluid in my tubes which may be causing the embryos to abort.  The solution? plugs.  Plugs in my tubes will keep the fluid from flowing into my uterus and harming any future transferred embryos.

See what I mean by too much?

This morning I had a consultation with the physician who will perform this procedure. (tm name Essure) Let’s be clear, this procedure is technically a permanent sterilization (and due to insurance limits, is why I’m seeing this doctor).  You would think the doc would take some time to be sure I was sure about this procedure.  (Didn’t he know while on the outside I may look like a woman in her 30′s but have the maturity of a college sophomore?).

Nope, whole appointment was 7 minutes, and that included signing the release form in the hallway.

Needless to say, I was a little freaked out.

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