The dreaded thirteen

Dreaded, you ask?  Yeah, the last thirteen kicked my ass, and yes, I know, it was all my doing. 

So I started to think about the lists I could make and as I started making each list I found each one shorter than the last.  This was going to be tough.

So this is what I came up with, while sitting in the bathroom during bath time w/ the Mad.  (During that time I told her no less than 13 times to keep toys, water, HER BUTT, in the tub).  See the clever use of “13″….cute, huh?

13 lists you probably won’t see on my blog:

1. Possible names of the next cat.  I think we’re at one too many as it is, though I love each of these monsters.
2.  Home improvement projects.  We’ve been in our house for over 5 years now and I’m hoping I’ve cut the list down well below 13.  Funny that I’m writing this in the bathroom, site of a few projects and maybe the site of our last  (crossing fingers!!!!)
3.  My favorite shoes….I love maybe 2 pair in my closet.  While there are several in there I’m not a big shoe-aholic.  Flips flops are another things all together.  I could build an altar to that god!
4.  Lessons I’ve learned as a mother.  Don’t get me wrong, LOVIN Motherhood.  But do you think I could really keep track of what bright ideas I’ve had, let alone want to share them?  I’m sure I’ll lose my mind before I get to ten….or forgotten them.
5.  My most memorable halloween costumes.  Lets just say I’m not the biggest fan.
6.  My favorite recipes.  Domestic and diva won’t ever be used in the same sentence when describing me.
7.  My favorite authors.  Love to read, love love love, LOVE IT.   It is no reflection on the writers but I just can’t keep them straight!
8.  My favorite movies.  Like shoes, not something I’m nuts about.  Sure there are a couple of good ones but nothing to blog about.  Oh, and just to set the record straight, if I did make a list, Pretty Woman would not be on it, sorry Julia.
9.  Along the same lines as 8, a list of my favorite actor/actress.  Yeah, can you hear me choking over here, running out of lists to NOT write about.
10…yeah, can’t use that “ten is over rated” thing two weeks in a row, so, I vow never to write about my husband’s 13 most annoying habits.  Here is where I cover my ass and say, “My sweet Hubs doesn’t have thirteen any annoying habits.”  That would be a bald face lie and while I can’t promise that I won’t bitch here and there, I won’t list them all in one sitting..
11,  My favorite high school memories…just not nostalgic.
12.  My next scrapbooking/beading/knitting/farts and craps project.  Not my thing.  Wow, there are a lot of “not-my-thing” things listed here. 
We pause this list for some self-indulgent belly button gazing.  Hmmm, lint free, nice.
13.  HA!  Whew, didn’t think I was going to make it this far.  Twiddling my thumbs, sighing, looking up a the ceiling, hemming and hawwing and then it hit me:  my christmas shopping list.  Sure, sure, I have a couple of followers and while I don’t think the fam even knows I’m here (oh great blogosphere), you just never know who’s lurking around.  (I really wanted to strike lurking and use some cute synonym but I thought maybe I had used that tool one too many times in one list.)

So yes, I’ll say it now, I’d like to be around for a 100 or more postings.  And just as optomistic, I’m hoping not to find my foot in my mouth.  You just never know where it’s been, flipping around in something like this:

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