Too much

So I’ve been viewing some blog porn.  You know, those blogs that are so delish in their presentation or their topic…sometimes a good name will draw me in.

I have to say I can’t stand it when I’m surfing and pop up on a blog that won’t let me search out the next one….you know, the “blogs” that offer to fix your Windows or everything you need to know about HTML.  UGH, I just want my blog porn w/out these nasty ads.

What I’ve come to realize (didn’t take long) that my blog needs some bling, some pop, a wow factor.  It’s not there but I’m working on it.

I at least have a name I like…its a reference to my high school nickname which is only a play on my surname.  Nope, nothing scandalous, no fun stories about having a fat mouth (though there should be one or two out there) or doing things high school girls shouldn’t be doing.  SHUCKS, I was a dork in high school.  I wore these:

Yeah, that last bit was too much.

Now if I could just get on with the bling.  Some help, ladies?

One Response to Too much
  1. Melissa
    October 28, 2009 | 2:15 pm

    You should totally make up some stories regarding your nickname for an April Fools blog post …

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