Super Easy Supper or Mad Woman mailed it in.

I don’t think of myself as very domestic.  I pay a woman to clean my toilets and change my bed sheets.  If I could pay someone to do meal planning and grocery shopping, I’d do that too.

That said, I do like cooking (especially if someone else is doing the dishes!)

But I don’t like complicated recipes.  Lasagna is the most difficult thing I make and that’s only because I’ve done if enough times I barely need the cookbook.

So last night I mailed it in.  When I went to the store earlier, I remembered I had half a tube of plain bulk sausage.  Not really enough for biscuits and gravy (one of my FAVEs) but enough for a frittata.  But I was bored with my usual recipe of sausage peppers and cheese.  Why not add spinach?  AND a bag of it was on sale…A must!  (I plan on planting some this spring, SUPER easy to grow!)

1/2 a package of bulk sausage
1/2 yellow onion, diced
one garlic cloved chopped (I used the pre chopped stuff)
8 eggs beaten (poor eggs)
a slosh of milk
2 big handfuls of baby spinach (stems removed)
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 dashes of nutmeg
a handful of grated mozzarella and a handful of grated parmesan (I use the bagged stuff, did I mention I’m lazy?).

I used a 10 inch stove-top safe casserole dish for this.  If you’re feeding more, you’ll want to use at least a 12 inch pan, a whole tube of sausage, a whole onion, increase the eggs by 3 and and a handful of everything else.

Brown the sausage on a medium heat and then add the onion and garlic.  Once the onions have started to caramelize add the spinach. It should only take a couple of minutes to cook down.   Sprinkle the whole pan with the salt, pepper and nutmeg.  I recommend you stir the cheeses into the egg/milk mixture before adding to the pan to ensure its well distributed.  DON’T STIR the dish once the eggs are added.  And turn on the broiler.
Reduce the heat to low and let sit until the eggs look dry around the edges.  (Maybe 5 minutes or so)  then set under the broiler for 3 minutes or until the top starts to brown.

By the way this recipe will feed 3 adults, if you serve garlic or cheesy bread with it.  I had mine with a glass of red wine (I prefer shiraz) but a cup of decaf would have done nicely too.  
I couldn’t wait to try it…I’m no professional.
Oh, and don’t hate me but I just made this up on the fly and luck have it, it was GOOOOOD!
7 Responses to Super Easy Supper or Mad Woman mailed it in.
  1. otherworldlyone
    February 25, 2010 | 11:02 am

    I prefer to bake because it's all about exact measurements. Which is weird, you know? Because I'm not a very “exact” kind of person. I do lots of weird shit. But something about the precision of baking is calming for me.

    Cooking, however, is hit or miss. I rarely like to do it and I suck at substituting etc. BUT this looks like a recipe my family would like, so I think I just might try it.

  2. Miss Yvonne
    February 25, 2010 | 11:03 am

    I didn't get past the part where you said you pay someone to change your sheets. There are people you can hire to do that???? Why am I just finding out about this now?? Damn it!

  3. MommaKiss
    February 25, 2010 | 11:51 am

    'skuze me while I wipe up my drool!

  4. injaynesworld
    February 25, 2010 | 1:30 pm

    You and I would be great together. I hate to cook, but will gleefully do the dishes.

  5. Linda
    February 25, 2010 | 2:54 pm

    Okay I did not hear anything past biscuits and gravy. Yummmmmm.

  6. Red Shoes
    February 25, 2010 | 6:16 pm

    That looks SO good… I have to try that!!!


  7. The mad woman behind the blog
    February 25, 2010 | 11:37 pm

    OWO: My grandmother would be so embarrassed by my lack of baking skills. Precision is NOT my forte. You come bake me some cookies and I'll cook you up something delectable for dinner.

    Miss Y: Cruel trick: my Mother in Law paid for a year's worth of housekeeping as a baby gift. I was hooked! Now I shop thrift stores and sales aisles so I don't have to give up my angel!

    Momma: I had to do something to get that gravy pic out of my brain. Please don't do that to us again!

    Jayne, come on over! The door is always open to dishwashers! But give me some warning: I don't have many of these gems up my sleeve.

    Linda: I wish my Hubs felt the same way, which reminds me, I can make some mean biscuits.

    Shoes: Easy-peasy. AND it warmed up nicely for my brunch the next day.

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