Um, I was supposed to post today, huh?  Damn, should had put down that last glass of wine last night.

Oh hi there, cute little heads over there.  There is still plenty of margies to be had but don’t wait too long, they are the MIL’s fave.

Have you ever found yourself regressing in the presence of your parents?  Ever seen yourself slip into those old roles of the child in need of care?  Wonder why we do that, don’t you?

Mad has regressed in the care of her grandparents as well.  She isn’t feeding herself anymore, nope, Mom does it.  Walking? That’s for suckers.  And wearing clothes, come on.

Oh, you wanted the scoop on me?  Well other than not finishing a load of laundry, not cooking or doing the groceries or dishes, I’m the same ol’ me.  Promise.

Okay, there’s the drinking.  A lot of drinking.  A lot for me, that is.

See here’s the thing.  My daughter is my boss.  I didn’t plan it to be that way.  I don’t intend to give up my power to her, but I do.  She calls the shots.  I have no tolerance for her yelling or screaming.  My husband tells me not to do that, not to do this, she isn’t the boss.  Says she doesn’t do that with him, blah, blah, blah.

But that doesn’t happen with the inlaws here.  She either has more people to boss around or Nana and Papa run interference.

And so Mommy gets to relax, and drink.  And she does.

Nana and Papa leave this week.  Better get this out my system, huh?

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  1. Melissa
    August 10, 2010 | 4:40 pm

    I totally regress when I'm around people from my past. Especially a certain high school boyfriend. It's so weird.

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