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This one time at band camp.

For reals?  That’s what it took to get you to come a lookin at what I was shakin?  Sluts.  To misquote a FABU blogger, ya all are easier than a two piece puzzle. Family, if you ever find this blog, this is a work of fiction.  This never happened, names have been changed. Ahem. But…

Putting out feelers

 Heh, I said putting out.  That’s a good one.Hello new heads.  There is some Guinness in the fridge (be sure to leave one for Adonis, if you don’t mind) and some basil that is going to help yourself.  Anyone got some goo

Sunday Stealing

Hi folks. I’ve been feeling the need to post SOMETHING, ANYTHING and  creativity took the week off.  If you see that bugger, send him home, would ya? This meme is called Sunday Steal…feel free to copy, link back, steal and never me

I may or may not be getting myself

Oops, um, hi.  Did you want to come in?  I think there is some wine in the built in and some veggies on the counter, but um….well..Adonis is OOT and the Mad is FINALLY taking a nap. You know what this means, don’t ya?I could take a nap my

Thursday 13: excuses, excuses, excuses

Howdy.I see you, you cute new to me heads.  Well come on, come in, have a beer.  There are chips and peach salsa.  Anyone want to try the mango salsa?  Lemon tart? Zucchini bread?  Mi casa es su casa, if you don’t mind the ca

Thursday 13: A post of gratitude.

Well hi! How are ya?  Come on in, there is plenty of farmer’s market fruit, a fresh batch of strawberry cupcakes, and all the beer you can drink.  (But maybe you’ll not want to have that all in one sitting…so I guess you better hang around

a little sumpin, sumpin

I told myself I wasn’t going to blog today but I had to share a quickie with you.   Yes, I’m a mom, no I’m not a mommy blogger.  I just like to mix it up.  Deal, would ya? So this morning, having a cuppa and reading all of your wonderful

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