Sexy time series brought to you by….

Come on in, the water is just fine!

What?  Water?

Well come on now.  I can’t host a sex series without a rockin’ hot tub now can I?    It’s really just an excuse to get a cabana boy without the huge water bill.

After last week’s post I was inundated with awesome suggestions and offers of guests posts.    Do you have any idea how hot the power to choose is? Whew!

And then I read this week’s guest post and I think I’m just going to head to showers.

I think Jaime’s writing from Red Red Whine speaks for itself.   And if you’re not hot and bothered when you’re done reading it, you might just have to head over to her place to get some more.

Not me, I’m easy.

I saw him the moment I entered the bar. He was the kind of man that was hard to miss. Dark and brooding, sexy as hell as undoubtedly skilled fingers ran down the bottle, lifting the beer to lips that begged to be kissed.  In a way I could never explain, I felt drawn to him.
I went to the bar and wrapped my arms around his waist. Sliding a hand up his thigh, I slipped a key into his pocket. “Room 612,” I whispered in his ear.

I waited long enough to take in his stunned expression before turning to leave the bar. I could feel his eyes follow my every movement, his gaze a long caress running the length of my body.  And I wondered not if, but when he would follow.

His knock came moments after I had entered the suite.  In one smooth movement, he had my back against the door, arms pinned above my head at the wrists.  Dark eyes burned into my own.  His body pressed firmly against mine, ensuring I couldn’t move even if I had wanted to.
One hand slowly traced down my arm, coming to rest under my chin.  He tipped my face up to meet his.  Lips brushed the corner of my mouth, then retreated.  His thumb traced along my jaw, the outline of my lips.  My eyes closed, anticipating a kiss that would take my breath away.
When my eyes opened again, his lips were so close I could practically taste them.   His hand slid around to the back of my neck, buried in the thick curls of my hair.  ”Say it,” he challenged.  I glared at him defiantly but he was so sure of himself when he simply said, “You will.”
His hands moved to my blouse, slowly undoing each button, fingers lingering on the exposed flesh underneath.  He eased the shirt from my shoulders, the silk pooling at my feet.  He bent to press his lips to my neck.  Just once, a promise of things to come if I submitted.  His teeth nipped lightly at my ear as he again whispered his command.

Say it.  Beg me.

The words were on the tip of my tongue as my body ached for his touch.  He knew it, grinning wickedly.  Sinking to the floor on his knees before me, he made quick work of the zipper on my skirt.  Both hands slid up my legs, fingertips caressing my flesh that felt ablaze with desire.  His mouth and tongue worked their way steadily up my thigh.

My control shattered as his teeth grazed my hip.

Oh God, please.

Satisfied that he had broken my resolve, he scooped me up in his arms, carrying me across the room to the bed which we had so far managed to avoid.  When his lips finally met mine, it was more than a kiss.  It was a statement of ownership.
He lowered me to the bed, lips never leaving mine, and claimed me once more.

Yeah, am I right?  Gotta get me more of that!

Now go give my girl some love and get yourself some!

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